How to hide your last connection on WhatsApp


To many it may seem silly and to many others, on the contrary, something super important.

Knowing what time your contacts have connected can be helpful… but it can also lead to misunderstandings.hide your last connection on WhatsApp

For a while hiding the last Whatsapp connection was only possible with iPhone, but for several years now this option has been natively found on Android smartphones.

If you don’t know where this option is, we’ll explain it below.

You went out at night, came home late in the morning and connected to WhatsApp to read a message, only with that your boss will know that you were awake at that time.

A person sends you a message, you feel like reading it but you don’t have time to answer and you don’t want them to see that you have connected.

These are some of the situations that can be avoided by hiding the last connection time.

Steps to follow to hide the last connection in WhatsApp

Hiding your last hour is easier than you think. First you must open your WhatsApp application and click on the menu (the three dots vertically, in the upper right corner.

Now, in Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Time and select Nobody (by default only your contacts can see your last connection).

Now, what’s going on?

After you do this, your life might get a little quieter. No one will know what time you last logged in, nor will they be able to recriminate you for not answering their message.

However, they will know when you are online, because when you open WhatsApp the text “Online” will appear below your name.

On the other hand, and as the application warns, if you do not show the time of your last connection, you will not be able to see the last time of others.

Not everything could be perfect, and if you’re a bit nosy maybe you’re not interested in hiding the time…

You will also see that the blue double check option disappears. Until now, when one of your contacts read the message you sent him, the double check turned blue to warn you. This will stop if you deactivate your last connection.

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