How to remove series and movies from 'Continue watching' on Netflix

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When we start watching a series or movie and leave it halfway, unfinished, Netflix creates a playlist called 'Continue Viewing'.

Continue watching on Netflix

All the contents that you started to see, but did not finish, are stored there for several weeks.

Something very useful sometimes, when you have fallen asleep or had to interrupt your film session or with your favorite series.

But sometimes you stop something because it's not worth going on. With the following tutorial you will learn how to get rid of those series and movies that you don't even want to see in painting.

Goodbye, boring movie

The list of 'Continue watching' is well thought out, because many times in the middle of a film we have to stop its reproduction because we have to do something more important, like sleep, eat or go out. When we return, it will be easier to continue where we left off.

But I'm sure you've been in the middle of a movie, and this one is so bad and boring that you can't torture yourself anymore and you decide not to finish it, leaving it there. Well, unfortunately, it will also end up on the 'Continue Viewing' list.

With the next step by step you will be able to remove the movies or series that you did not want to finish from the 'Continue watching' list.

  • In the Netflix menu, on the right side click on the 'your profile icon'.
  • Select 'Account
  • In this menu, scroll down to the 'My Profile' section.
  • Select 'Viewing activity
  • This will display the entire list of content you are viewing. On the right side of each, simply click on the 'X' to remove them.

And that's it! That's all there is to it. Once you press the X button a window will appear informing you that within 24 hours that content will be removed from the 'Continue viewing' list.

In addition, and although we have done it from the computer for the article, you can do it both in the web version of the platform as from your smartphone, tablet or Smart TV.

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