Control your TV through Alexa and your Amazon Echo

 Alexa has many skills and control of television is one of them.

However, what you can achieve depends largely on the Amazon (or other Alexa-compatible) equipment you have.

Control your TV with Alexa

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Unfortunately, Alexa is not magic and if you don’t have an Echo speaker, then she won’t be able to handle your TV. For that, you will need at least oneFire TV Stick (all versions except the first generation).

How it works on Fire TV

Fire TV Sticks come with an Alexa remote control, which means you can press and hold the microphone button to communicate your requests.

Below are some examples of applications:

– Alexa, Home
– Alexa, open Netflix/Prime Video/Apple TV/YouTube/Molotov TV
– Alexa put Jack Ryan
– Alexa show me movies with [name of actor].
– Alexa, show me the movies with [name of the actor] in [name of the application].

Of course, for any other video service, except Amazon Prime Video, you must have a current subscription, have installed the application and be registered in your final account, so Alexa can find and play these programs. Disney+ is the latest streaming service that can be installed with a Fire TV.

Instructions for Controlling your Fire TV

When you see a video, here are some requests to play with Alexa:

– Alexa, play
– Alexa, break
– Alexa, go back xx seconds
– Alexa, stop.
– Alexa, from the beginning…
– Alexa, fast forward xx seconds
– Alexa, Next Episode

Combine your Echo with your Fire TV

If pressing and holding the microphone button on the Alexa remote control is too complicated for you, then the alternative is to pair an echo speaker with your Fire TV.

So, to remotely manipulate your Fire TV, you will use Alexa from your echo device. To do so, follow these 4 steps.

  • Open Alexa’s application on your phone.
  • Go to Settings, scroll down, and touch TV and Video.
  • Select Fire TV and follow the instructions.
  • Finally, press Associate your Alexa device.

Now you can use the commands mentioned above.

Using the HDMI CEC function

Most TVs support the HDMI CEC feature, which allows direct control of multiple devices, including the Stick, with a single remote control.

Make sure this option is enabled by using your TV’s remote control and checking the settings.

  • On your Fire TV
  • Vaya a Settings → Display and Sound
  • Make sure that the HDMI CEC Device Control option is enabled.

Then, when you turn on your Fire TV by pressing the Start button on the remote control, the TV should turn on and switch to the HDMI input to which the Fire TV Stick is connected.

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