How to convert a song into a ringtone

Convert a song into a ringtone

How to make my own ringtones or personal ringtones to use on the cell phone as ring tones, notification sounds or alarms, trimming MP3 songs.

convert a song into a ringtone

How to do it with the RingDroid application on the device or the Audacity program on a computer or Laptop.

When getting a new cell phone with Android we are disappointed to hear the tones or sounds included to use in calls, notifications, as an alarm or in messages received.

However being Android free software is available on the network multitude of applications to create our own ringtones and even sounds for download.

In this article we share two simple ways to make our personal tones for use in any event.

In the case of ringtones we can create several of them to assign them to different people or contacts and thus know who is calling us only by listening to the sound of the incoming call.

There are two options to create our personal ringtones, use an application on the device to do this task or a program on the PC or Laptop and then copy the created ringtones to the phone.

To create ringtones on the cell phone the unbeatable application although there are many others, is the famous RingDroid.

Use the RingDroid application to create ringtones on your cell phone

RingDroid is the most popular of the applications to create and edit ringtones for the cell phone, for pleasure is not the preferred.
Allows you to edit the MP3 songs we have in our device, trim them and use them as ringtones, notifications or alarm sounds.
After installing it, use it as follows:

1- Start the application and look for a song in the device to trim, just enter part of its name in the search box.

2- Use the two indicators to select the part of the song or section to trim.
Use the playback control to test until you find the exact starting point and end point.

3- After being pleased, press the save button.
4- In the next window select which use will have the clipping, whether as ringtone, notification or alarm sounds.
You can also choose the name he will have to identify him.

Press the Save button.
5- Finally choose in the case of a ringtone if it will be the default for all incoming or if you want to assign it to a specific contact.

Download RingDroid from WebStore

Create personal ringtones for the cell phone on the PC

In the computer or Laptop we can also create all kinds of shades in a more advanced and professional way.

We can use any type of sound, but it is necessary to save it in the appropriate format so that the applications of the phone can use it as a tone.

What format do songs have to be to use them as ringtones in Android?

To be able to assign a song or section of it as a ringtone either for calls, use it as an alarm, notification or message, it has to be in OGG format.

MP3 songs cannot be used because this is a proprietary format and not free.
In other words, it is necessary to convert them beforehand.

Several programs or applications can be used for that, but we recommend Audacity, which is precisely a free free software program.
Read how to use it below.

Use Audacity to convert MP3 songs into ringtones for your cell phone

Audacity is a complete audio editor available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s very easy to use and you don’t need any tutorial to trim any song with it.

1- To start download Audacity for free using the following link:

After installing it start the application and drag and drop over your window the song to edit.
3- Select with the mouse the area to use of the song. To do this, roughly click on the starting point and without releasing the button, drag to approximately the end.

4- Test the selection with the spacer key.
5- To adjust the start and end point, place the mouse cursor over any of them, when it takes the form of a hand it moves to the right or left.
Try again and keep adjusting until you have the exact section of the song you want.
6- Trim the selection. In the Edit menu select: “Trim limits -> Split”7-
Save the selection. In the File
Export window in the Type menu, select the format: “Ogg Vorbis”.
Give it a new name if you wish and press the “Save” button.

That’s it, now you have the song section to use as a ringtone, the next step is to copy it to the phone.

How to turn up the volume of a tone or song with Audacity?

Some songs after trimming are not heard with the volume we would like on the phone.
In that case before exporting the selection in Audacity we can increase its volume.
To do that, do the following:

1- In the Effects menu, select “Amplify”.
3- Move the slider to the right so that it marks 1, 2 or more decibels (db).

Press “Accept”.
4- Try the selection with the space bar and if you are satisfied, export it.

Edit audio with Audacity

Audacity is a complete audio editor that we can use for all kinds of tasks. In
addition to trimming and modifying the volume of songs.

Equalize (modify bass and treble sounds), change the time (pitch), playback speed, add effects (reverb, echo), reduce noise and clean them, remove the voice and leave only the background, make mixes, make voice recordings or from another computer, record discs and save the result in different formats.

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