How to convert WhatsApp audios into text

This action is available thanks to third party apps

The possibility of sending WhatsApp audios to our friends and contacts is one of the services offered by WhatsApp, which every day adds innovations and utilities for its users.

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But there are situations in which it is not possible for us to hear or respond to them, because we are busy in a class, meeting, or show. But we can read them.

The tendency of the user is to share his experiences with his contacts and when it is an event and not a punctual fact, it is much more practical and quicker to send an audio, telling in a few words, the whole history of the meeting or party.

Generally, the use of the keyboard becomes uncomfortable and even complicated by some symbols that may become incomprehensible to the common user and then it becomes logical and reasonable to send an audio.

This is also useful when someone wants to dictate or send an article, conference or message that will be published in text format.

The WhatasApp instant messaging application, for the moment, does not offer the ability to pass notes from voice to text, so the option is to use a third-party application to do so.

Applications for converting WhatsApp audios into text

One of the applications that allows WhatsApp audios to be converted into text is Transcriber for WhatsApp.

This application will transcribe all your received and sent messages. What you have to do, after downloading the application, is select “Transcribe for WhatsApp”, select the voice message by clicking on it, and then click on Share.

Some transcription errors are likely to occur if the audio is unclear, if the terms used are part of a dialect, or if they have been pronounced incorrectly.

Please note that this application is available only for Android and not for iOS operating systems.

Another application that transcribes audio to text is Textr – Voice Message to Text.

The procedure is the same as above. After downloading the application you have to enter in the chat you prefer, click on the audio until the Sharing option appears at the top.

Then you must choose the Textr application. A new tab will open where you can read the transcription to text of the audio.

Voicer and Audio in Text are other third-party applications that offer the service of converting WhatsApp audios to text, but they are only available for Android. For the iOS operating systems you can use the Transcrypto application.

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