How to count words in Word

Count words in Word

There are many writing programs but, of all of them, Word is undoubtedly the most famous and used of all.

count words in Word

This is due to the fact that this program allows a text to be presented in different ways, as well as doing almost anything that the user needs: downloading a document in different formats, writing in several languages and dialects, translating a text at the moment, making diagrams and tables, and so on.

In fact, one of the most useful tools when working with Word is the one that allows us to count words and lines in a document.

This, which in principle may seem secondary, has uses as important as keeping track of the characters you are missing to meet a minimum of words in a document, distinguishing the types of words you have used or even the exact number of characters used in a document. If you want to know how to count words in Word, keep reading this article.

How to count words in Word

Although in principle Word is a Windows program, the truth is that you can find files of this program for both Windows and Apple computers.

In addition, in both cases you can count Word words in a very similar and simple way. We show you with these simple steps:

  1. The first thing you have to do is open a Word document that already has a written text.
  2. Then go to the top of the screen and look for the “Tools” tab.
  3. Once you have clicked on this tab, several options will be displayed, and between them, a “Count Words” will appear.
  4. Clicking on it will open a pop-up window containing several details of the document you are working with.

This is all you have to do to see Word’s word counter. Among the data that you will find in this pop-up window, you will first find the number of pages of the document and then the number of words that compose it.

Additional data will then appear such as the number of characters with and without spaces, the number of paragraphs in the document and the number of lines.

If you have a more current version, you should know that counting words in Word 2016 is even simpler.

Instead of looking for the “Tools” button, look for the “Review” tab in the top menu. Icons with various options will then appear. Just click on “Count Words” and wait for the same pop-up window to open.


Here’s an image for you to see more easily. If you are wondering How to search for a word in Word, in this tutorial we explain how to do it step by step so that you can easily replace words in Word.

Count the words in a specific section of the text

The above method is the most commonly used to count the number of words in a Word text as a whole.

However, it is also quite common to work with documents and, when counting words, you are interested in counting them by specific parts. In other words, you may want to know the number of words in a given paragraph or sheet and not all the words that make up the document as a whole. If this is your case, you should do the following:

  1. First, prepare the open document on your screen as you did in the previous section.
  2. Then select the part of the text you want to count.
  3. Then, always keeping the selected text, go to the “Tools” tab and click on “Count words”.

Again, if your version of Word does not display the “Tools” tab, go to “Review” and then you’ll find the word counter. We’ll show you:


Counting Word words on a mobile device

On the other hand, although this is not the most common device when working with Word documents, it is worth mentioning that these files can also be used from mobile phones. If you want to count words in Word from your mobile device, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Word app on your mobile. If you don’t have it yet, download it.
  2. Then open the document whose words you want to count on the screen.
  3. Once you have the document open, go to the “Edit” screen, which is usually shown with a capital letter A accompanied by a pencil.
  4. In the drop-down list that opens, select the option “Start” followed by “Edit” and finally “Review”.
  5. In the lower part of the drop-down list, the “Count words” option will appear. When you press it, you will receive information related to the number of words in the document, as well as the number of pages, paragraphs, characters and lines of the active file.

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