How to cure cracked elbows with natural remedies

Cure cracked elbows with natural remedies

Cracked elbows are a problem that can affect any age, both men and women. In addition to its rough feel, it is uncomfortable for its aesthetics.

Want to know how to cure cracked elbows with natural remedies? Read on and discover some very interesting ways to do it.

cracked elbows with natural remedies
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Remedies for cracked elbows:

Exfoliation: One of the best natural remedies for curing cracked elbows is exfoliation. Use a mane glove, always gently so as not to scratch too much. You can do this treatment twice a week. Then moisturize with a suitable body cream.

Lemon juice and honey: mix sugar with honey and lemon juice and you’ll get a fantastic natural exfoliant for your elbows. Apply and let it act for 10 minutes and then remove with water. They’ll leave you soft and hydrated.

Papaya: another natural ingredient that is excellent for curing cracked elbows. Not only does it moisturize, it also whitens, which is perfect as cracks darken. Apply its juice or rub the papaya directly against the elbows.

Brown sugar: if you mix it with almond oil and coconut oil you will get a spectacular natural moisturizer that will improve the condition of your elbows. Almond oil is especially recommended for dry skin.

Jojoba oil: this type of oil has a great antifungal and antibacterial power, which helps heal cracks, cuts and bruises. It is one of the best remedies as it cures very fast, miraculously fast. Apply to elbows with a gentle massage.

Aloe vera: Like jojoba oil, it is great for repairing elbows and achieving healthy skin. The aloe vera will serve you for many beauty treatments, both its leaves and its liquid, and even the creams that contain it.

Do you know any other tricks for curing cracked elbows?

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