How do you create a video game? 3D animation

Create a video game

The video game industry is one of the fastest growing in recent years, even in times of crisis, when many other sectors recorded losses, video game sales continued and continued to grow. In fact, it has become one of the most money-driven industries in the world.

For example, and so you can see its magnitude, during last year sales fell by 3.3%, but overall consumption managed to increase profits to a record of 1,083 million euros, as pointed out from the newspaper ABC.create a video game

For a sector to function so well, it must have thousands of professionals working every day, in all areas that are part of the industry.

However, one of the most important is the design of video games, software that generates each year sales close to 360 million euros in Spain alone. But how do you create a video game?

Bringing video games to life

It all starts with a good idea. Logically, in order to create something we must start from a previous idea, which guides us through the process and serves as an objective.

If you have this premise and you have the necessary means, the project can begin.

As FSGamer shows, another point to take into account is the market, because if we want a videogame to be successful it is necessary to take into account what users ask for. We cannot create a video game for which there will be no demand.

Who designs all this?

After these previous steps comes the really important thing, the design. Of course, planning and conceptualization of the process must take place before starting.

Who are the people in charge of designing a video game? These are professionals who have been trained to do so, gaining access to university.

An example would be the Official University Degree in Video Game Design and Development offered by the University School of Design, Innovation and Technology (ESNE). It offers specialized training, carrying out subjects such as Advanced 3D Animation.

Thanks to this, new and spectacular worlds can be created that are only present on each of our screens. Small elements that together, give rise to incredible stories that can have us hours and hours playing in front of the monitor.

The incredible landscapes that we can enjoy in great works like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, including all the characters, tools … etc..

Everything we can build and destroy the popular Fortnite. Any element you can think of that is part of a videogame carries behind it an important and complex work carried out by designers and animators.

To finish, the tests would be carried out with the first versions obtained from the videogame, in order to adjust the details and perfect everything possible.

After this we can give way to the last phase, production and marketing. We have summarized a very long process, which can last for years, in just a few lines, but we must not forget the complexity of giving life to a project of such magnitude as a video game.

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