Facebook: how to create your own avatar

how to create your own avatar

If you are tired of expressing yourself only with emojis, then this tutorial is for you. Largely inspired by Bitmojis (custom emojis), Facebook now allows you to create an avatar of yourself that you can use to illustrate your reactions instead of using standard emojis.

create your own avatar

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1. Login or create an account on Facebook

The first thing to do to have your own avatar is obviously to log in or register in the Facebook IOS or Android application. Once in the application press the three horizontal lines to access the menu.

Select “Avatar”.

Once you are there, a multitude of options are displayed. Click on the “view more” button, and you will see an option called “avatar”. Click on it.

3. Start creating your Facebook avatar

Once you are in the avatar creation section, the rest of the process will be very simple and will consist of just following the instructions on the screen.

You will start by choosing your skin color and then your hairstyle.

After that, you can finally start customizing your avatar, choose the color of your eyes, the shape of your eyebrows, the shape of your face … there are many features available. You can also choose if your avatar will wear, for example, glasses or lipstick.

Once you have finished creating your avatar face, you have the option to change your body shape and clothing style. Finally, you can opt for a hat if you want.

When you are done, press next and your avatar is ready to be used. It’s really as simple as that, you won’t need to upload your photos or give Facebook access to your personal data.

Then you should end up with an Avatar who is an approximation of yourself, if that is your goal. But feel free to create any Avatar you want.

How to use your Facebook avatar

Now that you have created your avatar, the next step is to use it. And it’s quite simple.

You can share your avatar on Facebook, where it will appear in your friends’ news. But Facebook will also create a set of default reaction stickers that you can use to express your emotions in a friend’s message or in any message on your Facebook feed, or even in a discussion with a friend.

These stickers range from a simple thumb to uncorking a champagne cork or lying next to an open fireplace with a rose between your teeth…

Use your avatar in the comments

When you want to use your avatar to express your feelings in a post, simply press the comment button and then the emoji button.

You will see stickers with your avatar’s face on them, the standard emojis and stickers will still be present, of course.

In the web version of Facebook, you will be able to use them in a slightly more limited way by clicking on the sticker button, where you will be presented with your avatar, as well as more generic stickers.

Use your avatar in the Messenger

You can repeat the maneuver in Messenger’s chat on the web version of Facebook. When a chat window opens, click on the sticker button that shows several categories of stickers you can use. Then click on your avatar icon, which will give you access to your custom stickers.

These stickers also work in the Messenger’s mobile application. Just click the emoji button in the chat bar, then tap the sticker menu and go to the right to access the stickers with your avatar.

Facebook avatars continue to be developed around the world, and there is a good chance that avatars and reaction stickers can be used in other services belonging to Facebook. But we’ll have to wait and see what Facebook decides next.

Other Options:

Also in Google Play apps or inApp Store you can find other options to make your avatars.

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