How to create your own stickers on WhatsApp

stickers on WhatsApp

New stickers arrive in the messaging app with a function to add your own.

The long wait was worth it and you can now use WhatsApp stickers. They are new illustrations that allow you to express yourself better than with an emoji, or at least with a larger drawing.

From what we have seen in the first images, there will be many options available to choose from up to a total of 12 packages.create your own stickers on WhatsApp

But there’s an option that lets you create your own stickers. We teach you how to do it. If you don’t already have them, try updating WhatsApp.

Learn how to create your stickers

The first thing you need to create your own WhatsApp stickers is to use the tools that Facebook puts at your disposal.

This open source is designed to work for the iOS and Android versions, so whatever you do you can pass your drawings to any phone that uses the messaging app.

In the README file you will find information in case any of the following steps are not clear to you.

Create your own drawing with the following requirements. If you do it in Photoshop you can use this template:

  • size 512×512 pixels.
  • weight of 100 KB
  • the background has to be transparent
  • leaves a margin of 16 pixels between the image and the margin

On the other hand, you have to create a thumbnail to find it in the list that has 96×96 pixels and less than 50 KB.

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