How to cut glass easily step by step

A glass cutter is practically all you’ll need to cut glass.

How to cut glass? There are many things of glass that we can accumulate at home, whether bottles or any decorative element, so if you have ever wondered how to cut it easily, follow the step guide explained below.

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Cutting glass is a skill that can always be useful to make a set of glasses with old bottles, build a solar collector, or make a new showcase for the living room, so if you want to know how to do it you’ll find that it’s not as complicated as you might think.


  • A rule
  • Oil
  • Glass cutter or electric cutter
  • Pliers
  • Adhesive tape (optional)

Steps to cut glass

With the techniques that we are going to explain you next we are going to be able to cut any type of glass, from sheets of glass to mirrors. Even laminated glass is easy to cut. Laminated glass is given by two sheets of glass joined by a transparent plastic.

First, make sure you work on a clean, dust-free work surface. Glass is delicate and, in some cases, can be easily scratched. Before you start cutting the glass, make sure you clean everything.

Prepare oil, a pair of pliers, a ruler, tape and a glass cutter. There are several glass cutters on the market, all with diamond tips and tungsten carbide oil. Glass cutters can be purchased at a hardware store and are priced between 8 and 12 euros.

In addition to the workbench, the glass surface you want to cut must also be completely clean: no paint, adhesives or other dirt. Clean the glass scrupulously.

Take the measurements and place the ruler along the cutting line.

With a drop of oil, lightly grease the surface corresponding to the cutting line.

At this point, all you have to do is hold the glass cutter and, applying light pressure, accompany it along the cutting line.

Attention! If you see pieces of glass jumping or splitting glass during cutting … it means you are exerting too much pressure. This phase is very delicate and does not need too much force. The cutting of the glass dictated by the movement of the cutter, is accompanied by a slight noise that is not at all annoying.

If the glass is thin, simply lift the edges of the glass to break it in two. A sharp click will split the glass in two because the glass cutter will have weakened the plate along the cutting line.

If the glass to be cut is double, you can cause a thermal shock by bringing the heat of a candle or cable soaked in alcohol and ice closer together. Also in this case, the glass will be divided along the cutting line because it is more fragile, in addition, heat should be applied along this line.

After cutting, it will be necessary to smooth the edges using first coarse grain abrasive paper and then fine grain abrasive paper.

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