How to install CyanogenMod on Android step by step


CyanogenMod is a ROM to configure our Android device as we want, which now becomes LineageOS.

CyanogenMod on Android

If you have an Android phone that has begun to fail, that restarts when you don’t expect it or simply doesn’t respond as before, CyanogenMod could save your life until recently because it allowed you to get more out of your smartphone.

Here is a step-by-step guide explaining how to install CyanogenMod but in its new version, LineageOS.

CyanogenMod was a ROM (custom Android operating system) that offered a “better” version of what Google could provide, with more features and more control for the user even though we said goodbye to it several months ago.

This way it seemed that we would no longer be able to have in our smartphone CyanogenMod and so it is, but the truth is that there is now a new version that we have known under the name of LineageOS.

That has among its notable features to change the appearance of your mobile device, add gesture support, adjust the calibration settings of the screen and access many other advanced configurations as well. So let’s see how to install LineageOS step by step, and easily.

How to install CyanogenMod (now LineageOS)

Switching from Android to CyanogenMod (or now LineageOS) is something really simple because all you have to do is install LineageOS on your smartphone, through any of the existing versions of the ROM without the need to rootear your device.

All you have to do is download the app, which you don’t have in the Google Play Store, but as an APK file and download it from

Before opening LineageOS, you must go to Settings and security on your smartphone or tablet, and enable LineageOS for the installation of applications from different sources or from third parties, the “Unknown Origins” option.

Next, you have to open the APK file of LineageOS that you have downloaded and you see following the different steps within the installation process. Among the things that will be good for you to allow is USB debugging, so that LineageOS has permission to change the device settings. It will also be good if you change the connection mode to PTP Camera.

Once you have finished with the installation of LineageOS, it is possible that the app asks you to connect the smartphone to the computer, to finish everything and to have the desktop installer that is compatible with the Windows system that you can also download from . You must follow all the steps indicated in the guide that will appear.

Once you have finished it is recommended that you deactivate the antivirus, so that you can confirm the USB debugging.

It is very easy to install CyanogenMod or now LineageOS on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Simply download the application as mentioned above, follow the simple steps to install it and you will see how the experience of using an Android device with all the features mentioned above changes, among others.

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