How to turn off dark mode in applications only (macOS)

Dark mode

We recently told you how to turn off dark mode in Google Chrome for Mac.

Many users love the dark mode of macOS Mojave, but you may also not like to use this darkness in everyday applications. If this is your case, you should continue reading.

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Dark mode, only in the system

Last September, with macOS Mojave also landed the so rumored and desired dark mode.

Thanks to this option we can enjoy an interface that many of us find more pleasant, and not only from an aesthetic perspective, but also from a health perspective.

In dimly lit environments, the dark mode is less tiring on our eyes and helps to reduce fatigue.

The dark mode of macOS, once activated, darkens all elements of the system. It also does the same with all those applications that include compatibility with the dark mode, which will be activated automatically.

But what if we want to keep this mode in the system but not in the applications? Once again, in Terminal we will find a simple and fast solution.

As I said, open the Terminal application on your Mac, either through Spotlight or through the Launchpad. Then copy and paste the following command:

Defaults write -g NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool Yes

Press the classic “enter” key on your keyboard and restart the system (button in the menu bar → Restart). Once your Mac has restarted, you’ll see how dark mode is maintained in all system elements such as menus and bars, while all applications will display a clear interface.

And if you want to go back, repeat the previous operation, this time, using the command defaults delete -g NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance. Remember, however, that for these commands to take effect you must have dark mode enabled in System Preferences.

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