Defrosting Car Locks

Defrost Frozen Car Doors and Locks

Can’t you open the car door because the lock is frozen?

Defrosting Car Locks
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Learn some useful tricks to defrost the lock blocked by ice.

  1. The hair dryer is effective for defrosting ice thanks to its warm air. You’ll see that in a few minutes you’ll be able to open the car door quickly.
  2. If you have a lighter, heat the key so you can open the lock. Of course, you will need a lot of patience, because you will need this procedure several times. Do not put the cigarette lighter flame directly on the key!
  3. In some supermarkets and service stations, they sell aerosols to defrost the locks. It’s effective and super fast.
  4. Another product to unlock the lock is burning alcohol. This alcohol is also used to remove ice from the windshield quickly.

Tips to prevent locks from being blocked by ice:

  1. Stick an insulating tape or scotch tape, adhesive tape, or other adhesive on a lock when parking the car.
  2. Glycerin or glycerol is a transparent liquid widely used in antifreeze fluids. To prevent the lock from locking due to very cold weather, insert the key with a little glycerin. This trick will prevent car locks from freezing!

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