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  1. Swelling: the benefits of charcoal
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Swelling: the benefits of charcoal

If a heavy meal, an unbalanced diet or simply a lazy intestine can cause digestive discomfort, charcoal would be the most natural remedy to overcome it.


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Whether it's a heavy meal or a fast food, stress or fatigue, our digestive system can sometimes play the whimsical game and make you drool! To relieve this, charcoal* is the most effective natural treatment.

What is this all about? Charcoal* is a black powder obtained by carbonizing vegetable matter, such as wood, fruit stones or coconut shells

This powder, which can be consumed, acts on the digestive system and soothes feelings of heartburn, food-related abdominal pain, gastric reflux, flatulence and bloating. Charcoal* eliminates bad breath related to poor digestion and controls diarrhea.

It acts by adsorbing (not to be confused with absorption) toxins and gases, transporting them to the digestive tract for elimination.

If it is known for its gastrointestinal benefits, charcoal* would actually be good for the body in general.

* the intake of charcoal should be at least two hours away from the intake of a medicine or a pill.

In what form is charcoal found?

What dose should be taken?
What are good eating habits to follow every day to avoid swelling?

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