How to delete duplicate photos on your mobile phone

If you happen to have two or more versions of the same photo, delete the repeated ones with these applications.

Today, what takes up more space on a mobile are not the chapters of Netflix that we have downloaded, the songs, the cache of Spotify or the number of apps that we do not use – which also.

delete duplicate photos on your mobile

It’s the photos, because if there’s something to it, the mobile is full of hundreds, thousands of photos and images.

All the ones we take out with the camera, we send through the nets, all the ones they send us through WhatsApp and so on, the images we see browsing and we like.

All that is anchored in the Gallery of the mobile and it is easy to get to occupy gigas and between descents, made, received and duplicated we can end up with thousands.

Easily remove duplicate photos

Facing a gallery that can have from 500 to 5,000 images -depending on how much of a fan you are of selfies, Instagram and so on- is not easy. In fact, the more pictures, the more it will cost us.

But among social networks and publishers there is often the problem of photos being duplicated, tripled and even quadrupled.

Let’s start with WhatsApp, which suddenly we see that the app takes up 1GB of space on the mobile, the phone gallery is a mess of folders and photos that we want to keep with all kinds of spam images and captures that have happened to us but do nothing but disturb.

Cleaning them one by one is usually tedious, and deleting the WhatsApp folder from the gallery is not an option either.

Luckily we have apps like Cleaner for WhatsApp, which scans the terminal and shows us the images that appear repeated to delete them together.

The best thing is that it also does the same thing with audio and video files, so we can clean all the multimedia content of the app in a moment by reviewing what is repeated and what we had lost out there and did not remember.

Download Cleaner for WhatsApp

We also have Remo Duplicate Remover, which will scan the mobile and look for all the junk images we have received by WhatsApp, Facebook, and in general all and do not need to keep, including screenshots, memes, video caps, drawings, etc.. Once you have them, it gives us the option of erasing them all at once.

Download Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Duplicate files

If we want to clean the terminal beyond WhatsApp, Duplicate File Finder is able to scan the smartphone and find photos, images, videos, audio files, songs and documents that are also repeated.

The app will review the multimedia content, let us choose whether we want to keep the oldest files or the newest, and also allows in the case of songs listen to them within the app itself to see if we delete the one we should

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