How to delete photos in Instagram

Photos in Instagram

There are many reasons why you want to delete some images from the social network Instagram, either because there are some too old or for the quality of the same, for example.

delete photos in Instagram

In addition, it is also important that you consider deleting photos that are compromising or may put your privacy at risk.

Regardless of the reason you have to delete photos in Instagram, in this article we give you some steps you must follow to perform this type of tasks, especially to prevent these contents are still present in your profile and in the worst case, may represent certain problems to your security.

Delete photos in Instagram

Login to your profile

The first step is to enter your Instagram profile, be it from your Android phone, iOS or others. Next, you must click on the icon that resembles a business card, which appears at the bottom of your screen.

Although if you have already edited your profile in Instagram, surely it will not be very complicated to find this icon.

Find the photo to delete

When you enter the social network you will be able to access your profile, and in the lower part of your photo and mini biography, the last images that you have shared in this social network appear.

These images are arranged chronologically, showing the most recent ones first. In this section, you must select the photo you want to delete from your profile; if it is a photo that you have taken for a long time, you should look in the oldest. When you find it, click on it to select it.

Opens the options menu

Three buttons appear at the bottom of the photo you selected. The first one should be the Like button, followed by the space to write comments and the last one is the one that will erase your photo from Instagram.

This third button can be identified by three points or circles. Click on the button and continue to the next step.

Delete photo

After pressing the Menu button identified by three dots or circles, you can see a drop-down menu with different options.

In this case, the option you must select is Delete; press this button to delete the photo you have selected. This will have removed the photo from your Instagram account.

Keep in mind that when deleting photos it is important that you have an Internet connection, otherwise the process may be interrupted and your photo will remain in your account during that time.

Also, to be sure, you can review your profile after a few minutes, realizing that the photo no longer appears in the images you’ve shared.

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