Creating, Editing, or Deleting a Broadcast List in WhatsApp

Simultaneous messages can be sent to several contacts thanks to the Dysfusion Lists

The Mailing List feature available in WhatsApp is very useful, as it allows us to send messages to several contacts at the same time.

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A “Mailing List” is the list of recipients to whom you have sent messages, which is also saved for future mailings, making it very convenient for work purposes, for example.

This allows you to send messages to all of these people again without having to select them one by one, which is very convenient. But we must be careful, as excessive use of mailing lists is one of WhatsApp’s unwanted practices.

How to Create a WhatsApp Mailing List

To create a Mailing List on WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Go to Chats > Menu > New broadcast.

Enter the names of those who will receive the message or press the “+” button to select them from your contact list.

  • Click “OK”.
  • Then on “Create”.

From then on, when you send a message to the Mailing List, it will be sent to all the contacts you have marked in the list, but all of them will receive the message as if it were an individual.

When they respond to the message, you will also appear as an individual message on the chat screen, but other recipients won’t see it.

Please note that only contacts who have added you to their contacts will receive messages. And there’s no conversation between the members. To do this, create a Group Chat.

Editing a Mailing List

  • Opens the Mailing List.
  • Press Menu > Broadcast List.

In the Mailing List:

  • Click the edit button to change the name of the Mailing List.
  • Click the Add Recipient button or press and hold the name to delete the recipient.

Deleting a Mailing List

Press and hold the Mailing List you want to remove, and then click Remove Mailing List.

WhatsApp’s Unwanted Practices: Excessive Use of Mailing Lists

Excessive use of the Broadcast Lists is considered one of the undesired practices of using WhatsApp in “How to Use WhatsApp Responsibly” and in the Terms of Service, where you are cautioned that:

“Excessive use of mailing lists could cause users to report your messages. If we receive multiple reports from one account, we will block that account.

So if you use a Mailing List in WhatsApp, avoid being considered spam.

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