How to design 2D and 3D interiors

Design 2D and 3D interiors

Although there is currently a wide variety of tools dedicated to design, sometimes it is necessary and essential to have an alternative easy and quick to use.

design 2D and 3D interiors

In this sense, there are several options either on mobile devices or from the computer, being able to work with plans and introduce you into the world of interior design, without having to have great knowledge to handle tools such as AutoCad, for example.

In these cases, if you need to draw a plan, there are different free and simple alternatives that can help you, for example, to plan the reform of your house.

Within these different options is Planner 5D, a free service that is available as an application for Chrome and for iOS and Android devices.

What is Planner 5D and what is it for?

Planner 5D is an online tool that allows you to draw 2D plans and 3D recreations of any interior space, designing the house of your dreams, for example.

Although it is a tool somewhat removed from the details that professional tools could offer, this is an application that offers enough tools to create interesting designs or even to ask for quotes for furniture.

Although the use of Planner 5D is relatively simple, you can also start using one of the many templates with room shapes that are available, which you can modify according to the dimensions and / or shapes you need.

It also has a good amount of furniture, electrical outlets, decorative objects, appliances, outdoor objects, among others.

As with similar tools, Planner 5D allows you to work in layers, that is, superimpose different types of information on the plans, being able to clear the design of the decoration and visualize the empty floor or, for example, to observe the plan dimensioned with the measures.

But that’s not all, since this useful tool allows you to visualize the plane in 3D and present you with an idea of the design using the render that will be generated on the fly, rotate it and move around it.

When you consider that your design is ready, you can share the result with other users, for example through social networks, and you can even invite other users to collaborate on the design.

Note that, as mentioned above, its features are very useful for making quick designs or floor plans of a room or an office floor.

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