How to detect driver problems in Windows


We share with the readers two extremely useful tools to detect driver problems in Windows and recognize what is the cause of the blue crashes or screenshots.

One of the most common causes of blue screenshots of death and crashes in Windows are defective drivers.

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When a driver doesn’t work properly, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, the problems it can unleash are so many that more than one ends up reinstalling the system because it doesn’t get the solution.

Between different versions of Windows it happens a lot that support for older or better hardware ceases to be good, and if you install for example Windows 7 on a modern computer that comes with Windows 8 or 8.1 pre-installed, you may suffer to get compatible drivers, even from the same manufacturer’s website.

Sometimes the problem is even more ridiculous, you buy a new PC and the drivers it comes with are so bad that your brand new computer doesn’t work well until you update them.


This application offers the easiest way to review each and every driver we have installed on our computer at any time. You can download InstalledDriversList for free for any version of Windows from 2000 onwards.

It’s safe software that doesn’t fill your computer with spyware and junk malware, and it works flawlessly. It doesn’t require installation just run the .exe file that you must unzip first.

Once started, the program shows you all the drivers you have installed with a green, yellow or red indicator light. Green means that your driver works well and that it runs on the Windows kernel.

Yellow means that the driver does not run with the kernel and is not working. Red means that the driver is not loading with the kernel but should, so something is wrong with it.

If you get 2 Microsoft drivers in red that are from the operating system, it is because you are using Windows 8/8.1 and only in this case is normal.

Detect if controllers are causing problems

One great tool we’ve covered before in Bitelia is WhoCrashed.

This program allows us to analyze the errors that occur when our PC suffers a critical failure and ends up restarting itself, shows us a blue screen, or simply turns off or hangs up. WhoCrashed analyzes the Crash Dump file and reveals the cause of the problem.

If the culprits are drivers that are malfunctioning, WhoCrashed will show you exactly what they are and also let you do a search on the web with the name of error or errors to try to find the solution.

Not only that, it can even show you drivers that have caused damage in the past.

With these two tools you can diagnose with certainty if the drivers of your computer are causing you headaches. You can also isolate defective drivers individually to see if you need to replace them.

Most of the time we don’t have to worry too much about this, and unless you have a very powerful graphics card you use for gaming, you won’t worry about manually updating your drivers, because Windows updates take care of that for you.

But sometimes, whether it’s by changing versions of Windows or just bad luck or a lazy manufacturer, problems occur, and the first step to fixing them is to discover the cause.

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