Herniated disc surgery: how is it going?

Herniated Disc Surgery

When resistant to medical treatment, herniated discs may require surgery. However, surgery is necessary in only 20% of cases.

herniated disk

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While the vast majority of herniated discs can be treated with medication for rest and pain, sometimes medication may not be enough to overcome a complicated disc protrusion due to sciatica.

In fact, in this particular situation, the hernia compresses the sciatic nerve, causing severe pain. For people whose daily life is hindered, surgery is the last resort.

Surgeons only recommend surgery after exploring all therapeutic alternatives: anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants, infiltrations…

However, sometimes the compression of the nerve root is so great that it causes suffering of unbearable intensity. The operation is then performed as an emergency. The technique used to reduce the herniated disc is the doctor’s choice.

Performed under general anesthesia, the disc herniation operation aims to release the compressed nerve root and relieve the pain caused.

To do this, the surgeon will make an incision of a few centimeters in the back in order to reach and eliminate the bulge. The surgeon will make every effort to preserve, whenever possible, the intervertebral disc in order to preserve the integrity of the spine.

Some procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis and the patient can go home the same night. Otherwise, a short hospital stay (two or three days) is generally recommended.

After the operation

In most people who undergo surgery, the pain generated by sciatica disappears very quickly. However, sensory or motor problems may persist for several weeks, requiring physical therapy rehabilitation.

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