How to show hidden files in Windows 10

How can I see the hidden files in Windows 10?

Follow our tutorial to learn how to view your hidden files in Windows 10

hidden files in Windows 10

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If you are looking for folders and files and can’t find them, it may be because Windows 10 has decided to hide them.

Why does Windows automatically hide them? Simply to prevent users from deleting them. This deletion could be annoying for your computer, since these files contain data needed by the operating system.

If for some reason you want to make them visible, then follow this short tutorial.

Showing files and folders in Windows 10

A few steps are enough to reveal the hidden folders and files in Windows 10, here they are:

  • Opens the File Explorer.
  • In the tabs at the top of the window, select the View tab and then Options, on the far right.
  • On the View tab, select Show hidden files, folders and drives.
  • Click Apply and then OK.

That’s it, all files, folders or hidden disks must now be visible and accessible.

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