How to download audio and video from the page you visit

Download audio

Although with the current connections streaming is gaining followers and has become a trend, there are still those who prefer to save songs and videos to play on any device even if you do not have Internet access.

How to download audio

An example is the success of applications dedicated to downloading videos from YouTube or similar, as they allow us to keep a copy of content that may disappear because of legal problems or because its author has hidden it.

We’ve already talked about tools for downloading YouTube content or for saving SoundCloud songs, to cite two examples.

Today we’re going to take a look at Skyload, an all-terrain solution that finds music and videos from the website you’re visiting and allows you to play that content and/or download audio and video to your computer.

Install and you’re done

Skyload is an extension for Google Chrome and compatible browsers, such as Operao the Yandex browser.

Once installed, we’ll see an icon in the upper right corner of Chrome. When we open a web page, the extension will analyze the available multimedia content and will warn us with a number.

By clicking on its icon we will see the list of available content and we will be able to download audio and video from multiple streaming sources linked to the page we are currently visiting.

As an addition, in addition to the name of the file, we will see the size of the file and the quality of audio and video.

Skyload performs two functions in one: to show us all the multimedia content available to listen to it online and to act as a multimedia download manager.

Streaming player

After analyzing a web page, Skyload shows a list of songs and videos that we can play directly from the Skyload player.

At all times we will see information about it and, in the case of music, a thumbnail of the album cover.

Download Manager

As a download manager specialized in video and audio, Skyload allows you to choose the download quality. The heavier the file, the better it looks.

Another of its great advantages is that it detects content from many sources, such as Vimeo, Soundcloud, VK, Facebook, Yandex Music … However, for legal reasons does not support downloading content from YouTube.

On the other hand, it has a multidownload mode to select different items at once and save them in one sitting instead of going one by one.

From the main Skyload window we will see the download speed and the number of downloaded files.

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