Is driving while pregnant safe?


During pregnancy a woman can lead a normal life, but there are some situations and activities in which pregnancy requires more care and attention including driving a car.

Many women wonder if they can drive pregnant? Is it safe?

Driving While Pregnant

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Mainly doubts and fears arise about the risk of the seat belt or the airbag. The first thing we need to know is that driving while pregnant is possible, and presents no risk if done prudently and following the usual safety measures.

However, many women overlook key details that are important while driving while pregnant. Which is why it’s important to pay attention

Let’s look at some essential tips and recommendations to keep in mind if you’re going to drive while you’re pregnant:

Consult a doctor

Before getting into the car while pregnant it is important to consult with your doctor, there are cases of future mothers who can not drive because of the size of the belly or because it presents a risk of premature birth or pain, contractions or other symptoms.

It is therefore essential to consult and follow the instructions of the doctor in charge.

Sit well

It is important to sit as far away from the wheel as possible. At least keep about 25-30 centimeters away, and place the seat as far away from the airbag as possible while still being able to reach the pedals.

Ideally, the backrest should be as straight as possible and the headrest should be higher than the height of the head. Most importantly, you have to feel comfortable.

Adjust the mirrors

The first thing you do when you’re pregnant is adjust your seat, but you forget one small detail: check your mirrors. This is why it is very important to adjust the mirrors after adjusting the seat, especially if the head position has changed or if the backrest moves a little.

Comfortable driving

The idea is to be able to be comfortable and safe when driving the pregnant car.

To do this, you must make sure that the seat belt is correctly fastened and that it protects you and your baby. It is important that clothing is below the belt, so take off any additional jackets or clothing before fastening your belt.

The seat belt

The correct way to use your seat belt when you are pregnant is to sit upright, and place the horizontal part of the chorea under your belly to avoid any pressure on your belly.

The position of the shoulder strap centered on the collarbone should pass through the breasts along the belly part, not directly at the top.

In other words, the belt runs between the breasts and as low as possible in the hips. If the seat belt is correctly fastened, it does not have to bother you or harm the baby.

Make sure you wear your seat belt correctly.

Attentive to distractions

Even if you have driving experience, it’s best to avoid distractions while driving, and being pregnant is a bit difficult.

To do this best plan your route and use an assistant, put the destination in the GPS or phone before you start driving helps to avoid distractions and remind us of the journey. Short distances are also recommended.

If you’re going to be a mom for the second time, now not only do you have to get used to driving with a huge belly but you’ll probably have a lot of distractions in the back seat.

Take it easy, give yourself time to perform the maneuvers with the attention they require.

Preparing for nausea

The only thing worse than morning sickness is the urge to vomit when driving a moving vehicle.

The ideal way to avoid this annoyance is to buy an anti dizziness bracelet or have a bag full of candy on hand against nausea. It is best to avoid sudden manoeuvres as this can cause nausea.

It is also advisable to have a bag to vomit by hand, so if you want to vomit we will not despair trying to get out of the car or wanting to lower the window. And we won’t have to worry about cleaning up.

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