Which are the best applications to read eBooks on your smartphone

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  1. Kindle
  2. Google Play Books
  3. Aldiko
  4. Wattpad
  5. Moon+ Reader
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Amazon's application is one of the most downloaded on Google Play.

eBooks on your smartphone

It offers an extensive catalogue of titles and the usual functions, such as changing the font size or consulting the built-in dictionary with the possibility of accessing Wikipedia or Google if we want to expand the information.

Kindle is an ideal application if we want to start our collection of eBooks, we just have to register with our Amazon account and choose the desired titles. Besides, the timing is fantastic.

As much the page where we remain reading as the notes or the markers, they are synchronized perfectly between all our devices, and everything is saved for when we return, or if we release a new device.

It also has the paid version, Kindle Unlimited. This monthly payment service of €9.99 gives access to more than 1 million titles. The service allows us to read as much as we can or want, free buffet type.

Google Play Books

I can not fail to mention the Google application, which initially offered few new features and few titles, but constant updates are making it a very valid option.

The Google Play Books application is like Google Play Music, an external application that can be downloaded from the Google Play online store (although it is factory installed on many smartphones).

It allows you to access the store, save your books and read them. Google Play Books offers many options, accessible by categories (science fiction, religion, history...).

The application is not really special in terms of graphics and takes the design of Google Play.

During the reading you have as always a scroll bar, the possibility to highlight passages, add annotations or translate some passages with Google Translate.

In the display options you can switch between day, night and sepia, choose between 5 fonts and change the alignment of the text as well as the brightness and size of the font. You can also make the text read aloud, but it's an option that needs many improvements.


Aldiko eBook Reader is one of the references of online reading. The bookstore is well done with the ability to search by author, category or other.

Provides access to Feedbooks, a library of free books in which, however, you must create an account.

Aldiko has a very simple operation and use interface. It is also highly customizable through font sizes, lighting, font types, colors, margins, and page layouts.

Supports most ebook formats, such as EPub, PDF, or Adobe DRM. It has a paid version that frees us from ads, includes a widget, allows us to underline and take notes in the EPub format, and increases the speed of updates.

In addition, you can also access the contents of your SD card through Files in case you have books stored elsewhere on your smartphone.


Wattpad is unique because it is a completely free library. Unlike the previous applications, it is based on a community of users who share books, either from others or their own. That's why Wattpad is the ideal platform for budding writers who want to share their work.

Most genres are represented: detective, romantic, science fiction, etc. Like Kindle and Alkido, you can read your ebooks directly from the application. To access the store, you will need an account.

Moon+ Reader

If this is not very nice and seems to be more of a geek application than a design application, Moon + Reader is however (and by far) the most complete.

In addition to the ability to access local files from your SD card, it's perfect for lovers of the cheap, with its many free eBook catalogs.

A professional version at 4.89 euros is also available to eliminate advertising, multi-touch support, shake the phone to talk, share notes and highlights ...

Once you download a book, you can choose how to navigate and the format of the book (from top to bottom, from right to left).

During reading, as usual, you can highlight, take notes, etc. The only additional difference: you can access Google or Wikipedia to search for a word, which is very convenient

Among the many customization options, you can also set an automatic scrolling speed, so that pages scroll down by themselves without having to move your eyes or fingers.

In the advanced setting, you can set the playback options (font size, color, background image, letter spacing, lines, paragraphs, left and right margins, etc., transitions between pages: fade, last page, etc.).

You can also decide what happens if you shake your smartphone, what each of your tactile gestures will do. Definitely the most complete, the list of settings is very long, but you can really do anything!

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