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Edit Free Photos

Paint.NET emerges as a student project of professional computer design engineers in 2004 at Washington State University.

A web of very humble appearence hides a great power application. The Paint.NET project was launched with the aim of becoming the "free Photoshop for Windows" as a substitute for well-known Paint.

When Microsoft abandoned the project, a group of students decided to continue it and the result is worth it.

The application interface has a design Windows 10 so that input is very convenient, familiar, and it is easy to use for users who have never before worked with photo editing.

We needed some advanced tools like the Healing Brush, but there is almost nothing that a little patience and skill can not be done.

Although it has a gallery of filters, it does offer a thumbnail icons that help sense and remember the effect of each.

64 Bits

Also, to be 64 bits programmed, preview application is almost instantaneous, so you don't feel laziness to experiment and try several effects.

An application which, although free, is notable for being able to work with layers, which, combined with the ability to perform selections of areas with high precision, allows for really advanced editing, all with a really simple and convenient interface.

Although Paint.NET is not designed to manage or work with large collections of photographs, it is relatively easy to load a couple of dozen of images to review and correct them if necessary.

Export, however, is performed individually.

There are no options to share the results on social networks and there is no function to facilitate file conversion in batches.

Likewise, it is neither able to handle RAW files by default, but there are several plugins available for download that will facilitate this task.

Thus the program maintains the simplicity of a basic editor features, while adding powerful new features such as a history of undone actions (undo), ability to work with multiple layers, filters and special effects to apply to your photos, tools Drawing (brushes, geometrical shapes, etc.) and support for acquiring images from digital cameras or scanners.

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