How to Eliminate Bad Smells in Baths

Eliminate Bad Smells in Baths

It’s notas unpleasant as entering a bathroom with a bad smell. These odors, whether from moisture or filtration, are easier to remove than you think.

Here are some very simple tricks for you to maintain the olfactory harmony in your bathroom.

Eliminate Bad Smells in Baths
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In some cases the bad smells come from the pipes, whose decomposition aroma invades the bathrooms of the house with bad smell. The first thing to do is to have a routine of constant cleaning to “cover” a little that annoying fragrance.

Changing the siphon

Sometimes the bad smell in the bathrooms comes from the siphon. The siphon is a pipe that connects the drain to the pipe.

In this case the ideal is to replace the cap of this tube with a new one and keep the new piece clean by cleaning it once a month. When this plug is not changed, the gases escape to the outside and generate a bad smell.

Cleaning products

The solutions to bad bathroom odours will depend a lot on the cleaning products you use: clean the toilet very regularly as well as its base. The same should be done with the drainage and the tub. Chlorine helps neutralize bad smells, you can mix it with a little water to wash your bathroom.

Aromatic candles

Aromatic candles are an ideal complement to give a good smell to the bathroom and also give an accent to your decoration. Place several candles at strategic points and light an irresistible scent.

Aromatic herbs

Another solution to combat odor in the bathroom is to use aromatic herbs. Add a little of your favorite herb, it could be lavender, in a small bag and place it near the wastebasket, at the door or any other place you consider appropriate.

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