How to Eliminate House Ants

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  1. Eliminate House Ants
    1. Eliminate ants with this simple trick
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Eliminate House Ants

One of the most common pests we can get at home are ants; they appear as if by magic as soon as you leave some bread crumbs in the kitchen counter or some unfinished candy outside its wrapper on the desk in the study.

How to Eliminate House Ants

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And then you don't know how to do anything else to get rid of them other than wait for them to decide of their own free will to leave.

In a matter of seconds, you can have a whole highway of ants lurking around your house. An ant or two may seem somewhat harmless but it is a matter of letting it go one day and what looked like a drip can quickly turn into a flood.

Eliminate ants with this simple trick

Ants communicate quickly with the entire colony warning that there is a new food source. And they're capable of feeding on whatever leftovers you leave behind: cookie pieces, bread, fruit, and, of course sugar, which is one of their favorite foods.

Fortunately, his taste for sweetness is also his Achilles heel. Because there's a homemade poison you can use to eliminate ants once and for all. Just use the sugar as bait along with something toxic to them and they'll die.

To make the trap kill ants first mix two tablespoons of borax with half a cup of sugar in a bowl. Then add one and a half cups of warm water until everything dissolves.

This can be poured directly into areas where insects are usually concentrated and stored for later or sprayed all at once.

Some people leave poison on plates, plastic lids, or other containers to attract ants. However, a very effective form of use may also be to dip cotton balls in the poison to make a death trap. That way you'll fool them and end your problem.

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