How to eliminate unpleasant car odors

Eliminate unpleasant car odors

Whether it’s eating inside it, the humidity, the place you park it or things you or the kids did, it’s common for certain smells and not-so-pleasant companions to appear in your car, but don’t worry today we’ll tell you how to eliminate them.

Eliminate unpleasant car odors

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How to eliminate bad smells and pests from your car

Annoying companions

By this we mean pests whether ants, flies or cockroaches, none of us like to share the journey with them, so pay attention to these tricks and get rid of them.

You must take out absolutely everything you have in the vehicle, so it is not enough to spend a few minutes and need to dedicate time and do a thorough cleaning.

Many times these animals are attracted by crumbs, garbage among other things that may be hidden between the seats, suitcase or carpets. In addition, removing everything will give you greater visibility of where these invaders are.

-First you should vacuum very well, especially in those places that are difficult to access.

-Place bay leaves in the most accessible places for pests inside the cart, this is an organic and simple solution as these insects hate the smell of this plant and quickly move away from it.

-Spraying black pepper on the floor will also keep insects away, having the same effect as insecticides, without harming the environment or your health.

Unpleasant odors

That our car smells bad is something quite unpleasant and can become embarrassing when someone else is on board. That’s why we want to show you how to effectively eliminate those unpleasant aromas.

-Identifies where the smell comes from, many times we focus on washing and keeping bright only the body of the vehicle, butthe truth is that the interior of it is just as important as the exterior.

-Wash the seat linings frequently and let them fence in very well. You should also clean upholstery, metal, plastic, glass or wood areas, using protective liquids that do not cause damage.

– It is also important to shake and sweep carpets, if necessary do not hesitate to wash them.

-After cleaning thoroughly, apply a vehicle deodorant.

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