How to eliminate unpleasant odours in the home

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  1. Eliminate unpleasant odours
    1. Tips to eliminate unpleasant odours in the home
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Eliminate unpleasant odours

The bad smells in the house can occur by certain foods or lack of cleanliness, so that you do not happen we share these tips.

How many times have we not cooked a dish so smelly that we impregnate the whole house? Or how about when you organize a party at home and in the end all the furniture, clothes and atmosphere smells like cigarettes?

Eliminate unpleasant odours

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In these scenarios, we do everything we can to make the smell go away, right? Sometimes air conditioning, fans or opening windows and doors wide are not enough to eliminate bad house odors.

When it comes to pampering your sense of smell, you don't skimp, even if it requires extra effort, you usually light a candle, put on an environmental deodorant or resort to home remedies such as: spreading baking powder, baking soda or emptying vinegar.

Tips to eliminate unpleasant odours in the home

Identify the source of the bad smell and eliminate it: The key to eliminating odor is to eradicate the source of the bad odor. If mold, moisture, or plumbing is causing the odor, then spraying odorizers, lighting candles, or incense will only temporarily dominate the stench. It is necessary to eliminate the source of the problem for a true elimination.

Cover up the smell of your pet, including the cat's litter box: Stanhome brings you a new member to its already famous family of environments, the new Green Drop, contains an ultra-concentrated fresh citrus formula, ideal for absorbing a wide range of odors. You can add 1 or 2 drops to mitigate the strong odors that pets can produce.

Keep the kitchen garbage can with a clean smell: The fact that the garbage can receives food waste and bad smells does not give you the right to contaminate your kitchen. To keep the smell clean, we recommend using citrus aromas which disintegrate most odors.

Eradicate urine odours and bacteria from the carpet: You will need something so powerful that it will kill bacteria and also eliminate urine odours. Preferably, train your pet to stop urinating on your carpet.

Disguise the smell of the bath: Ventilating a bath is not enough. For God's sake! light a candle. Or better yet, use an odor remover that does the job long term.

6. Be proactive: To keep odors at bay, we recommend that you frequently use an odor neutralizer that not only neutralizes the environment, but can also be placed in strainer, pet places, garbage cans and vacuum cleaners.

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