The best emulators for Android

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  1. Emulators for Android
  2. The legal vacuum of emulation
  3. Hataroid: the best Atari emulator
  4. Magic Dosbox Free: the best DOS emulator
  5. NES.emu: the best Nintendo NES emulator
  6. SuperRetro 16: Super Nintendo's best emulator
  7. ePSXe for Android: the best PlayStation One emulator
  8. PPSSPP: the best PSP emulator
  9. RetroArch: the best multi-platform emulator
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Emulators for Android

The Google Play Store has a large number of games in its catalogue but some of the popular Nintendo and Playstation classics are not available for download.

The best emulators for Android

If you don't want to wait for your favorite games to appear in the Google Store you can simply use an emulator. We show you the best on our list.

In order to use certain games on an Android smartphone or tablet, it is necessary to have an emulator and an image of the original game (a rom of the game).

This type of application emulates the console system to be able to play your games on another device. Emulation is not something illegal but copying a game is (piracy).

To be able to emulate a game legally you have to have it. The illegal thing is to copy or distribute a game and, above all, to obtain economic benefits from that activity. Copying a game violates copyright, so having a copy of a game you don't own is illegal.

Hataroid: the best Atari emulator

Hataroid helps you get back to one of the first consoles to reach the general public The application works well, is stable and easy to use and you can emulate all the games that were released in the Atari ST, STE and Falcon in its day.

Note that you need a BIOS (TOS for Atari) to run ROMs. If you really want the same experience as on an Atari, also display a keyboard and mouse.

Magic Dosbox Free: the best DOS emulator

Dosbox is the emulator for those who have a good memory of their vice evenings at DOS.

Magic Dosbox Free brings you back to the nostalgic 90's with its ability to emulate games like Prince of Persia or Risky Woods.

If you download the free version, you can only load one game at a time, if you choose to pay $3.49 for the paid version, this restriction will be removed.

NES.emu: the best Nintendo NES emulator

NES has been one of Nintendo's most famous consoles and Super Mario its most mythical game. Now you can relive those emotions of your childhood thanks to this emulator for Android.

This emulator has a great compatibility of devices but if you find problems do not hesitate to contact its developer to help improve and make it fully compatible with your device.

It is very fluid and has a selfguarded departure. It has support for multitouch controls on the screen and also for bluetooth controls.

You can download NES.emu at the following link.

SuperRetro 16: Super Nintendo's best emulator

Another anthological console from the Japanese company is Super Nintendo. Another 16-bit bet that competed directly with Sega's Mega Drive. Years after its appearance, it was virtually re-launched thanks to Nintendo Wii.

But on Android you can also enjoy their games thanks to this emulator. Play again his most mythical games like The Legend Of Zelda, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart or Donkey Kong Country.

This emulator is compatible with controllers and supports multiplayer via WiFi or Bluetooth. On-screen controls can also be edited to your liking.

ePSXe for Android: the best PlayStation One emulator

As the name suggests, thanks to this payment emulator (2.99 €) PSOne and PSX games can run on your Android device.

The high stability of ePSXe gets the most out of the games of this generation and, in addition, the application is compatible with several types of controllers, such as the Xbox 360 or WiiMote. It supports both ARM and Intel Atom processors that mount some tablets and ASUS smartphones.

PPSSPP: the best PSP emulator

The era of Sony laptops does not seem to enjoy its greatest splendor although it is still maintained with the PS Vita.

Gone are the days of the PSP, a game console that brought great moments that Android gamers can relive thanks to this emulator.

This application receives continuous updates and improvements, and also supports a large number of games for PSP. You can even import games that you had saved in the PSP.

RetroArch: the best multi-platform emulator

RetroArch is an emulator for almost everything: Xbox 1 and 360, Nintendo (NES, SNES, Game Boy Color, etc.), Sega Master System, Mega Drive, Playstation, etc.  It can also be used with controllers such as the Sony Dualshock or the XBOX 1 and 360.

RetroArch is clearly one of the most inclusive emulators on Android. If you're a bit of a hacker, you'll appreciate this application, but if you're more of a player who just wants to play, you'd better choose one of the other dedicated emulators mentioned above.

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