How to completely erase a hard drive

Erase a hard drive

Many times, when we delete a file we believe that it has been completely erased from the hard disk and it will no longer be possible to recover it, that our data has been definitively discarded and we are safe from someone recovering this information.

This statement could not be more incorrect, some time ago we explained the reasons for being able to recover the deleted data and also teach you how to recover them once they have been deleted and today we will explain how to completely erase a hard drive or memory card or pendrive or any storage device without any possibility of recovery, ie, the data will be destroyed definitively and no one, including you, can recover it.erase a hard drive

To perform this action we can use a free application called Disk Wipeque you will find available at the end of the article.

The application is offered for versions Windows XP, and Vista but in we have been able to verify that it is also valid for Windows 7 and 8.

The operation of the application is extremely simple, just run the application (does not require installation), select the unit to be completely removed and click on Wipe Disk to start working.

Once finished, all the information contained in the erased device will be completely unrecoverable.

Among the virtues of Disk Wipe we find the following:

  1. Complete erasure of the data without possibility of recovery.
  2. The application is portable, does not require installation for its use.
  3. Use of different deletion algorithms (Dod 5220-22.M, US Army and Peter Guttman)
  4. It is valid for NTFS, FAT32 and FAT file systems.
  5. Possibility to carry out the erasure quickly, it loses effectiveness but gains time.
  6. It is valid for hard disks, memory cards, pendrives and any storage device.
  7. It’s free and without advertising.
  8. Respect your privacy, the tool does not save any data, does not contact any server or send any data to any site.

If the elimination of important data is one of your concerns, with Disk Wipe you can rest assured knowing that they will never be recoverable again.

Disk Wipe | Download

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