How to earn extra money - Tips that can help you

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  1. Extra money
  2. Tips and Tricks to Earn Extra Money
    1. Don't quit your job
    2. Invest in real estate
    3. Write a book
    4. Sell your skills
    5. Start a blog / vlog
    6. Bazaars and Itinerant Shops
    7. Become a sales representative
    8. Online Surveys
    9. Teaches
    10. Rent your goods
    11. Walks dogs and massages pets
    12. Working in the field
    13. Take care of children
    14. Builds objects with recycling material
    15. Social Network Administrator
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Extra money

Given the global economic crisis we are all struggling to make ends meet. Money shines in its absence and people seek advice on how to earn extra money.

Sometimes the hardest part of making money is just getting started. Discover simple ways to earn small incomes.

How to earn extra money

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Therefore, on the net and in your daily environment all kinds of systems that promise to make you earn some extra money that could help you in your day to day.

Earning extra money doesn't just help you make ends meet.

Have savings that you can use to develop a business, invest, or simply give yourself some luxuries and have easy access insurance in the event of an eventuality.

Knowing how to use your savings and manage your money is essential to achieving your financial goals. It can be difficult. This is a detailed guide that can help you develop a realistic plan.

Tips and Tricks to Earn Extra Money

With the following tips for earning extra money, you'll find a way to raise that money that's always missing in our pockets.

Put them into practice and see for yourself the results.

Don't quit your job

Yes, it is the first advice I can offer you, maybe many will tell you that you should leave your job and start from scratch your own business taking advantage of free time.

That's only valid if you have enough capital to start and if your job prevents you from starting a new business, what do I mean by that? May it consume you valuable time and energy.

Invest in real estate

This is the most valuable advice given by Robert Kiyosaki in his book "Rich Father, Poor Father" and in many others of his collection, it is about investing in assets that generate money consistently and safely with a minimum of losses and this is achieved by real estate.

You can start by renting a free room in your home, then you can rent a flat and progress to a whole chain of properties that will keep you comfortable.

The secret with real estate is to play with credits.

You must charge a rent nice enough to attract customers but high enough to pay off the credit and save an amount.

Once you cancel the credit, the floor profits are entirely yours and you can advance the business even further.

Write a book

Many people dream of writing a book and we don't do it for lack of time or other problems. Thanks to technology, you don't have to worry about those problems anymore. Nor by big publishers who spit out books as if they were old gum.

There will always be someone who wants to read you, just write and publish on one of the dozens of platforms that exist on the Internet.

The best of them is Amazon's Kindle platform, which not only allows you to sell your book in their store, but also offers you copyright and protection to the work.

If you don't want to write a book, but you write short stories, you might as well write for a platform that pays for your work.

Sell your skills

We all have skills that are necessary for someone else, maybe you are a good writer, web designer or translator, those skills are very well listed in the online market, become a freelancer and work from home.

Start a blog / vlog

You can create a Blog or a Vlog depending on your passion, writing or videos, if you are good and your content attracts a lot of audience, soon you will be able to monetize it based on advertising and sale of products, is a great source of income today.

However, you should know how to advertise your content and how to stay in touch with your followers.

Bazaars and Itinerant Shops

If you have the ability to create things or accounts with a wholesaler who offers you products at a good price. You can make a small investment and have products that you can sell as a street vendor or from your home.

You can combine this strategy with selling in online stores and increase your profits.

Become a sales representative

You may not like the idea of working for companies like Avon, but they are very beneficial and you can make a living if you know how to promote yourself and create your sales network. There are many testimonies of success and no, not only are they to attract unwary, these sales systems are tested and are shielded against market fluctuations, so, if the crisis hits your business, just follow the advice of other sellers.

Online Surveys

Many companies want to know your opinion about the products and services they offer, just sign up for survey services and start responding. Some companies even send free products to users in order to test them before launching them on the market.


We all have knowledge about a specific topic, today online courses are the best way to learn and teach. Create an online course on the topic you know best and offer it to the world through platforms like Udemy. You can earn a lot of money by uploading different types of courses to these platforms.

If you don't want to cancel a commission you can upload the courses as vlogs and receive benefits from Youtube.

Platforms for uploading courses generate passive revenue. In other words, income that is maintained over time.

You should concentrate solely on promoting the course through social networks.

Well, some of these pages offer 100% royalties if customers bring them to you. If the students arrive thanks to the platform you charge only 70% of the established price and, if on the contrary, the clients arrive through an affiliate, the profit is 25%.

Rent your goods

If you have a car, rent it a few times a week to take children to extracurricular activities.

Walks dogs and massages pets

With a simple pet masseur course you can make thousands of euros a month, is an activity that you can do together with your work full time without any problem.

Working in the field

Perform gardening or sign up as a worker in a field for the time of harvest. You'll charge by the hour
and you will be able to use the money for savings or to invest in another business.

Take care of children

It can be a delicate job and earning parents' trust can cost. However, when you get to work for the first family to reach out to you, the rest of the way is made easier. This type of work gives you free time to devote to your other tasks while you make big extra money.

Builds objects with recycling material

Recycling materials exist in every home, what to do with them is up to your imagination. Check on Facebook and Youtube the tutorials on reuse and recycling, you can do very cute things that sell for a small price.

Social Network Administrator

It may seem like a useless job or with little field. But this is a job in high demand by people and companies. Which don't have time to manage their social networks. Your job would be to locate as many followers as possible.

As you can see, the money is in every corner, follow these Tips to earn extra money and Overcome the crisis!

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