How to void a Facebook Messenger message already sent

Facebook Messenger

Running on WhatsApp for almost two years, the ‘Recall’ function is one of the most useful features of the app.

It is a question of giving the user the option of being able to delete a message he has sent, either because it has errors, because he has the wrong chat, or because after thinking about it he wants to delete it and the contact does not read it.Facebook Messenger

The key to the function is that we have a limited time to delete it and the receiver cannot read it. And that’s what we can also do from now on in Facebook Messenger.

Cancel a Facebook Messenger message already sent

Part of the first Facebook application that was so successful that it got its own app, the Messenger chat service has since yesterday with the function that is going to become the favorite of not a few and few users of the application.

Because you can now delete Messenger messages from either the Android app or the iOS app.

To do so, simply click on the message you want to delete and select the “Delete for all” option.

The deleted message will be replaced by a text alerting others in the group that the message has been deleted.

Like WhatsApp, you will have a time limit for deleting the text. And in the case of Facebook Messenger at the moment you have up to 10 minutes to delete the message after it has been sent.

If you want to delete the message just for yourself, you can do so at any time by selecting “Delete for yourself”. By choosing this option, the message will be deleted just for you, but will still be available to other people within the conversation.

In time for the 15th anniversary

The show, which we already heard about at the end of last year, arrives in time to celebrate Facebook’s 15th Anniversary.

A good birthday – it’s hard to be active for so long in this day and age when there’s so much to choose from – dragged down by all the company scandals in the last 2 years.

And he is just reviewing how Mark Zuckerberg and his people adapt functions from one app to another, in this case from WhatsApp to Messenger.

Is it true that filtered news that Facebook is working on a platform to merge WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram infrastructures at the same time?

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