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  1. Facebook page
    1. What is Facebook outreach and what types are there?
    2. How can I measure my reach on Facebook?
  2. How to increase the reach of your facebook page
    1. Share quality content
    2. Receive Notifications
    3. Mention influencing pages or users
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Facebook page

Many people have asked me questions about how to reach more fans, especially since Facebook has become stricter in terms of properly differentiating what is a personal profile of a business.

Facebook page

It happens that when you pass your personal profile, to a page of companies (in many cases Facebook itself is who overnight makes this change, since companies can not have personal profile), their arrival and interaction with people decreases dramatically.

What is Facebook outreach and what types are there?

Facebook reach is the number of unique people who saw the content of your fan page.

However, there are different types: scope of publication and page.

The first is the number of people who saw a particular publication (each of the publications on your page will have its own scope). While the second, is the number of people who saw any of the publications on your page during a certain period of time.

Therefore, the sum of the scope of each of your publications will be equal to the scope of your page.

In order to finish understanding the difference between the two, let's look at the following case:

Someone who publishes content on a continuous basis may have a low publishing reach and a high page reach.
While someone who does not publish too much content, very likely has a greater scope of publication and a smaller page.

In turn, the types of Publication and Page scope are subdivided into
:- Organic: number of unique users who have seen your publication in the news section or your page for free.

- Viral (or No Fans): this is obtained when a fan of yours interacts with a post on your page (put "I like", comment or share one of your posts), thus allowing their friends to see your content beyond being your fans.
In other words, any user who can see your content thanks to another previously performed some kind of action in one of your publications.

- Payment: number of unique users who have seen your publication through an ad.

NOTE: Currently when exporting statistics from your Facebook page, the Viral range is included within the Organic range. Unless you export the old format of the statistics, where they are still separate.

How can I measure my reach on Facebook?

To measure the reach of your publications, simply go to the statistics of your Facebook page, and then go to PUBLICATIONS. There you will find all the publications on your page and you will find different statistics of them, among which is the scope.

As you can see, the same can be divided between:

- Scope: organic/paid
- Scope: fans/not fans

Fortunately, the statistics provided by Facebook have been improving, to such an extent that today you can see the number of fans who are connected at every hour of the day (this is above the detail of the publications).

So, when you make a publication, you should compare the range obtained with the number of people who were connected at THAT TIME and NOT with the TOTAL FOLLOWERS.

For example, as we can see in the image above, the largest number of fans connected to this page is at 10 pm, with about 550 users connected.

If this publication had been seen by 100 people, the percentage of reach would be approximately18% and not 5.5% as it would be when divided by the total number of fans of the page.

Another excellent and simple way to calculate the Scope is by means of tools. Here I share with you a selection of the best tools I use to measure the statistics of my Facebook pages:

NOTE: Since you have the possibility to see at what time of day most of your audience is online, don't make the mistake of publishing only at that time.

Rather, you should alternate schedules, since not always the period in which the largest audience is connected, is the time in which they can pay attention to your ads.

For example, many companies have their morning spikes, but most of those users are connected while they work, so they won't be able to pay too much attention to your publications.

How to increase the reach of your facebook page

Here are some best practices for increasing the reach of your publications and thereby the reach of your Facebook page:

Share quality content

Beyond all the tactics we will give you below, this is the basis for achieving greater reach on Facebook and with quality content I mean the one that interests your ideal client.

It is that one can put into practice the best strategies to reach more people, but if we don't give our fans what they want or need to see, we will NEVER be able to interact with them and interest them in our brand or company.

From now on, it will be very difficult for you to generate this content yourself through articles, images and videos... all the time! But that's not a problem, because on the Internet you can find a lot of quality content about your sector, which although it's not yours, your fans will thank you for sharing it with them.

Receive Notifications

Just as we may receive notifications from friends, we may also receive notifications from company websites. When you select this option, you will receive a notification for each update we make.

The problem is that very few people know about this and no matter how much they know, if we don't encourage them to receive them, very few will.

A good way to do this is the same way we use to get subscribers to our Newsletter. After sharing a quality publication (in the case of the newsletter, this would be similar to a good article), we can tell you that if you want to keep receiving this kind of information, you can start receiving our notifications.

NOTE: To receive notifications, simply place yourself above "Like" and click "Receive notifications".

Mention influencing pages or users

Another good way to increase reach is to mention influential pages or users.

But beware of starting to mention other pages indiscriminately, as this can be penalized by Facebook as Spam.

 Share images with the sizes recommended by Facebook

It's important that the images you share match the sizes that Facebook recommends.

 Include multiple photos in an update

Some experiments have made me realize that if we include more than one photo in an update, we can considerably increase the scope of the update.

 Optimize the title of your link publications

When you share a link on Facebook, you will notice that by clicking on the title of the link, you will have the option to edit it.

This is important, since in publications with links, users pay attention to the text below the image and NOT to the status text.

 Diversity of contents

It is important that you conduct your own experiments, as not all items behave the same way.

For example, in the case of ePyme, after having done all kinds of publications, we have come to the conclusion that images are what worked best for us... which led us to create a selection of the tools we use to make them.

So, you need to share all kinds of content and then put more emphasis (without neglecting the rest) on those that have generated the best results.

BONUS: Is it Worth Paying for a Greater Reach?

Many wonder if it's worth paying for reach. In my opinion, it is worth it, as long as you distinguish between content that is worth a certain investment and content that is not.

For example, if you're announcing important news for your company or the launch of a new product and you're interested in your audience seeing it, why not invest in it?

On the other hand, if we talk about everyday news, it doesn't make much sense.

Another reason why it's positive to invest in Facebook Ads is that they offer you a very high level of segmentation, allowing you to aim purely and exclusively at your ideal client.

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