How to differentiate a fake iPhone charger from a real one

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Fake iPhone charger

It may seem like a pretty trivial matter, yes. After all, a charger is just a charger, and not a few might think it's worth saving some money even in this regard. But the reality is different.

fake iPhone charger

In Apple's case maybe things can get a little worse. The company has the dubious reputation of selling products at inflated prices, in some cases much more than many people consider fair.

At this point many claim things like that an original charger costs almost 20 euros while an imitation does not exceed 5 euros.

The solution for many is simply to opt for the economic solution, not knowing that they could actually be making a big mistake.

As soon as you open a charger of each type and put them next to each other you can see that the extra price in the original charger is justified by a much higher quantity of components.

But that's not all, when you detail a little is the security requirements of some countries we are going to find that the imitation chargers virtually do not meet any standards.

However, counterfeit porters are becoming increasingly popular and are still being produced on the Asian continent, despite the fact that they pose a very serious risk even to the lives of those who use them.

Around here we think that since iPhone is a mass product, it is not the fault of consumers to get bad quality chargers, since many times they don't know exactly what they are buying.

That's why we're going to go over some details that might make you consider twice before you buy.

The price

Yes, it is the most obvious factor and it may seem like a great duh, but sometimes we let ourselves be seduced by a really low price and forget common sense.

In Europe iPhone chargers cost on average 19 euros, and in the United States about 16 dollars, anything below that is highly suspect of being false.

But you should never trust the price at all, because you could end up with an expensive charger that is also false, so you should pay attention to other details.

Designed by Apple

At Apple, they're quite proud to design their devices at home, and they make it known in virtually everyone, so it's always good to look for the unique brand. It's not that imitators don't copy this as well, but in some cases like the one above they are simply overlooked.

Check spelling

Unfortunately, Chinese imitators are not as good at English as they are at copying cult products.

That's why when we read their imitation attempt we often find that they confused lyrics or ate some of them. In the example above we find that they misspelled the Designed.

Port loading pins

A good indicator is the type of pins used by the USB port of the charger. Apple chargers use an established design.

When you look at them from the outside you will notice that in the case of the original loaders the pair of load pins have wide bases that are shortened in a triangular shape.

Fake charger pins have less wide bases and are much less shortened so they don't look so triangular.

USB Connector

Another factor that the imitators have not detailed so much is the USB connection port of the charger.

In the case of the original chargers we are going to find a port with rounded corners and that adapts perfectly to the interior of the charger.

In the case of imitation loaders the corners are square, and it is noticeable that the external plastic piece is independent of the internal one.

Other factors

There are some other features that can make you think you're looking at a fake charger. If you're in most of America, then you know that the tips of the charger must be triangular and also the charger is very balanced, allowing it to stand, which imitators can not achieve.

You may also find manufacturing defects such as metal dots on the connector or even on the housing, surfaces that are generally completely smooth on official Apple products.

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