How to find a person’s address

Find a person’s address

Do you have to send a letter to someone and you don’t know where to send it?

Do you need the street and number where a friend or acquaintance lives? Whatever the reason, you may sometimes need to find out the address of a particular person.

find a person's address
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If this is your case and you don’t know how to do it or what resources you have, don’t worry because in the following article we help you to know how to find a person’s address and we reveal the different options you have to do it without problem.

Steps to follow:

1. Search in White Pages

The first thing you can do to try to find a person’s address is to search through White Pages, which has an online version of the traditional paper phone book (where you can also consult it if you have it).

In this way, we will write the name, surname and province in each field of the web form and click on “Find”. For example, suppose that this person is called Bienvenido García Jiménez and we know that he lives in the province of Albacete, this will be the information we enter.

2. Use Google

In case it happens to you as it does to us and you don’t find the address of the person you are looking for, you can search with other tools.

Another of the most effective tools for finding a person’s address is: Google. Insert in the search box the name and surname of that person; following the example, the first thing we will look for will be: Welcome García Jiménez.

3. Try Quotion Marks

We can also try putting the name and surname in quotation marks, so that Google does exactly that search and not a single word or in any other order.

In this way, the results will be reduced, in some cases drastically. Continuing with the example, we should insert “Bienvenido García Jiménez” and we see how now we only get two results (since it is an uncommon name).

4. Use More Information

Another way to refine the search may be to add some other information that we know about the person from whom we want to obtain the information.

As we noted earlier, we probably know the city where you live or the company you work for, so we’ll put it on Google as well.

Example: “Bienvenido García Jiménez” Albacete, which on this occasion the search engine has not been able to obtain results.

If you have not been able to obtain the street and number of the city where the person you are looking for lives, you can try to find him/her through Facebook.

Once again, you will have to insert its name in the search engine so that the search engine finds the most similar results.

In the example we’ve used, we do see results like Bienvenido García (although not with both surnames), so we could try our luck to see if it’s the person we’re looking for.

5. Other Alternatives

It’s also likely that none of these options will work for you and you won’t find the address of the person you’re looking for.

So you should look for alternatives such as asking acquaintances who may have that address or can provide some other information to help you. Or you can choose to try to find this person’s email address

6. Use LinkedIn

If you have not been able to find the address of a person you can also use linkedin to find it, you must be logged in to see it and be careful that the person will see that you have visited his profile.

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