How to position your business website on the first page of Google

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  1. Google
    1. Choose the type of company:
    2. Search for the business on the map: putting address and/name
    3. Confirm that you have permission to administer the company's website.
    4. 5- Verification:
    5. Achieved, here's your WELCOME to the Google My Busines platform.
    6. What has Google My Business improved over previous platforms?
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Do you have a business? Did you Google it? What's up? I've been working with micro SMEs for several months and I've come across some that don't even have a website.

first page of Google

When I searched for them on Google, in the best of cases, some reference appeared because they had been registered in directories of free companies.

Although I must say that it has also been the case that the data that appeared were erroneous because they were submitted years ago and were never modified.

If we take into account that more than 95% of searches in Spain are conducted on Google, if you are not on Google is not that you do not exist, but most likely nobody will find you.

So put your business on the map and give Google the right information about your business.

This way your business will appear on the first page of Google, at least, when someone searches for the type of business you have in the location where yours is located or surroundings.

You should know that Google optimizes search results based on geolocation. What does this mean? Simply put, when we search, for example, for a restaurant in a specific location, Google will offer us as a result the restaurants that are in that location or close to it.

Also if we search from our mobile and even if we do not specify the location, having activated the location services Google will use them to offer better results, based on the geographical location in which we are, close to us.

In short, when we talk about geolocation we are talking about having a point located on the map, something essential for any business, and especially if it provides its services or sells its products "in situ".


A quick way to geolocate your business is Google My Business.

Google Places and Google Plus probably sound more familiar, but now you no longer have to be jumping from one platform to another to manage the presence of our business in Google.

Since for local businesses Google has unified in one place the management and also offers the possibility of linking from the same with other products such as Adwords Express, Hangouts, Youtube, .... that place is Google My Business.

This is a free business page, you can have it created in 5 minutes, basically involves replacing the information about your company Google in its day overturned to Google Plus Local and Google Maps from the yellow pages and similar directories ... by updated information, correct and more attractive (photos, video, ...).

If in your case it didn't do it (the data dump) because your company didn't exist or wasn't in those directories, it's time to create those data to find you.

All you have to do is claim your card and update the information, correct location, a contact phone number and your website.

Add your Google Plus profile to your site to help Google locate your business. All this will optimize your site for Local Search (Google searches that include a category of company or product and a physical address where to look for it, such as: "Japanese restaurant in Valencia").

At this point you will ask yourself: "okay, I create the Google My Business account, but where will I appear?"

Well on the one hand in Google Maps (your company will be on the map), on the other hand in the organic results of Google searches and to the right of them with the photos and data that you have included yourself ...


If you have any doubts here I'll leave you a step by step to create your account in Google My Business:

Go to

Option 1: Sign in if you already have a Google Account.

Option 2: appears on Google to create a new account: Enter new mail (or one from the company) / Create new account

Choose the type of company:

Showcase: the business offers its products/services "in situ".

Service area: the business is not offered "in situ", it moves to offer it or has no physical premises.

Brand: famous or known brand.

Search for the business on the map: putting address and/name

Option 1: Your business may appear in the search: If it appears click and continue;

Option 2: Your business does not appear: If it does not appear, you must tell it that you have entered the name correctly and that you want to continue (a page will appear for you to load all the data of your business and select the category that best suits your business).

Confirm that you have permission to administer the company's website.

5- Verification:

*Option 1: Continue and check later

*Option 2: verify now (can be verified by mail or phone call)

  1. a) Verify now: it will indicate to you in which postal address you are going to receive a letter with the key so that you can verify the business, so that Google makes sure that it is a real business and exists. We must also indicate a contact name (if you are an agency, advise your client that the letter will arrive).
  2. b) When you have the code: enter the 5 numbers and/or letters, send it and check if it has been changed on the Google+ page with a check mark next to your image/logo.

Achieved, here's your WELCOME to the Google My Busines platform.

Complete all the data of the company so that they can find it:

Ideally, everything should be complete, including photos, a full description of the business, regular posting and keeping the page up to date, and all of that will help you appear in Google's organic search results.

WARNING: If you already had a Google Places or Google+ page of your company you can enter its url and you will see that the platform has changed (since June 2014) and now you have Google My Business.

It will probably take you to the map to search it again for your business and update all the information. And if you encounter any problems, you can contact Google directly from the Google My Business Help Center.

What has Google My Business improved over previous platforms?

One of the most important changes are the statistics on how users act with your page and how they find it (Google Maps, organic results... ).

You will also notice other changes: now there are categories stipulated for companies, they can no longer be customized.

You can also include more photos and a longer presentation of your business. You can link to Adwords Express and Youtube.

It allows you to share customer updates and reviews, as well as respond to customer comments - all from one place.

You'll see that the payment options, additional information, and videos are gone, so you can share and post them, but there's no longer a tab like before.

Anyway if you did not have the account previously all these new features will not tell you anything, but you can focus on creating your account now and start managing it to find you in one of the busiest shopping streets: Internet.

Already had an account in Google My Business? Have you just opened it or are you considering opening it right now?

Tell us in the comments your experience, have you noticed or noticed differences after opening your account?

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