How to stop an account from following you on Twitter

There’s a trick to forcing a silent unfollow. And it’ll take just two touches of the screen to get it.

It is hard to believe that Twitter, launched 13 years ago, has been active among us for more than a decade, since July 2006, which makes it, together with Facebook, the most active veteran social network currently leading the market with hundreds of millions of active monthly users.

Following you on Twitter

A network that does not resemble any other and that in its particularity resides its unique character as is its operation based on short messages, which has been both its conditioner and the secret of its success, something extended a posteriori not only with more characters, but also with new functions.

In fact, Twitter as such is one of the best places to find out about things happening around the world in real time – especially with the live streaming option that Periscope provides.

Any event, event, accident or conflict comes to Twitter before any other network and, of course, before any digital newsroom.

Forcing the Unfollow on a follower

But currently the problem is that Twitter is a huge breeding ground for haters, flammers, trolls and other bitter existential enjoy annoying others, harassing and promoting unnecessary hatred, which coupled with the slow moderation of the platform causes many users between normal people and celebrities famous close their account and go to other sites like Instagram.

Do you have problems with someone who is following you but you don’t want to do your private account?

Do you mind putting a block directly into it? Well, there is a very simple method for someone who does not want to follow us to stop following us without having to ask or opt for any of the other solutions.

It’s not through third party apps or following a hacking method or excessive snooping. It is simply by giving a couple of clicks to one of the most direct and radical functions of the social network: the Blockade.

Lock and unlock = unfollow

Yes, we have said before that this measure is for those who do not want to put a blockade just like that. But actually the block is something used momentarily.

Simply block the user/account you want to stop following you and unblock it instantly, just like that.

According to Twitter rules, when we block a contact we stop following it instantly and he stops following us too, even if he doesn’t want to.

So by simply giving him a block and then taking it off, we’ll get him to stop following us as discreetly as possible.

What if he insists on following us again? Well, it would be a matter of thinking about silencing it or directly inserting the permanent block.

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