How to format fat32 on Windows and Mac step by step

Formatting fat32 is a simple task that we can do on our Mac or Windows following a few basic steps.

format fat32 on Windows and Mac

Take note of how to do this and get the most out of your USB.

Formatting fat32 will give us a number of important advantages that must be taken into account when making the most of the storage space of our devices.

Fat32 is a file system that will allow us to save and process files on any USB supported device. Something that we will have to take into account when formatting these files to obtain a greater compatibility between supports.

Doing it on Windows and Mac is much simpler than it seems, take note of these steps.

Steps to format fat32 on Mac

  1. Go directly to the ‘Applications’ folder, look for the ‘Utilities’ option and from this step find the ‘Disk Utilities’ tab. Let’s choose the USB option.
  2. If the USB option does not appear we would insert another device in the USB drive, it could be because the current one is damaged. We will click on the option ‘Delete’ within the different options will appear formatting fat32.
  3. Let’s give a name to the USB drive we’ve inserted to make it much easier to locate. We’ll give you the ‘Delete’ option to free up the space and start formatting the disk. We will then check that the unit responds and works perfectly to complete the task.

Steps to format fat32 in Windows

  1. Let’s start by making a backup of everything we want to keep, to avoid loss of relevant information. We wait for it to be done correctly before proceeding with the process.
  2. Next we go to the start menu and select ‘Device’ from there we’ll see what is the USB we want to format. We entered that unit and chose the ‘format’ option.
  3. From there a series of elements should appear to us and between them fat32, Windows will give us the option to make a fast or complete formatting. Depending on the time we can choose between one of the two options.
  4. We’ll name the USB device to make it much easier to locate. We still accept the formatting of the unit so that it starts the process of deleting all files and can thus erase space.
  5. We will check that it works after formatting by saving any documents in this unit to verify that we have fulfilled our mission.

We’ll have finished this simple way with a simple and fast formatting process that will help us make much better use of our USB devices.

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