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There are many secrets in Fortnite Battle Royale that are only available to experienced players, and for this, we have compiled the best that you will discover things you probably did not know about this fun Battle Royale.

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Surely there are many things you still do not know about Fortnite Battle Royale, a series of features or secrets that only experienced players know but that go unnoticed by others and that can open more doors of fun.

So you can see Fortnite Battle Royale from another perspective and have a better time, we collect these 21 things that you do not know about the game.

Then, we will gather you everything you need to know to win in Fortnite Battle Royale, a series of features that many have overlooked but which professional players know perfectly. Follow this guide closely and you will learn much more about Fortnite.

Use the blockbuster challenge to raise a level of the battle pass

One of the novelties of Season 4 is that it allows you to get a star that blows us up one level of the battle pass.

It is very easy to get it, and all you have to do is complete the seven weekly challenges to receive in return a cargo screen capture that hides a secret.

If you look closely at these screenshots you will see that there is a star drawn, so by moving to that reference area you can find this star and go up a level of a hit.

There are locations with superheroes that you should not miss

Also with season 4, a series of new locations on the map have been included, which are intended to give a narrative to the story.

In addition to the open crater in Polvorín Dusty with the lunar rocks, you can also find a mansion of superheroes.

You can access it through the staircase of the mansion without the name of the map or through the huge opening of the hangar built on the cliff.

This will allow you to know a little more about this new season focused on superheroes.

Before playing, make a game configuration to win

If you are a console player, you will encounter many problems when controlling the character, and you will see that performing some actions such as bending over is not easy.

What you must do is open the main menu and go to settings to change the control and put it in professional mode.

This will make it possible to bend down or exchange weapons in a much more efficient way, being able to perform much better in the fighting.

Use the lobby options to create unique construction customizations

You already know that construction is very important given that it will allow you to defend yourself or attack opposites better.

Well, you should know that you can change your construction options in the lobby, such as wall, ramp, floor and pyramid. This will allow you to adapt the controls to your way of building allowing you to get many advantages in battle.

The roof, the best way to enter a building.

Although it seems obvious, entering through the door of a building is synonymous with death. Most players make ambushes in this way, so you must avoid entering the buildings through the doors.

Instead you can use the ceilings to enter above and surprise your rivals, plus most of the loot chests are in the upper areas.

The aiming aid is not synonymous with weakness

Even if you consider yourself a professional player and need the help of aim, always leave it activated. Less with the sniper rifle where you should bother to aim at the opponent, the rest of the weapons have this aim aid activated by default.

Because of the way the program works, it is better to leave it active, in addition to the fact that most of the rivals use it.

The sensitivity of control is subjective

If you try to find different configurations of the game on the Internet, each one will tell you a different kind of sensitivity, and the best thing is that you do not pay attention.

The sensitivity is subjective, that is, according to the way each of us plays. We advise you to try different sensitivity configurations until you find the most suitable one for you.
The configuration in computers, very important

In the configuration of the game for computers should prevail a good rate of refreshment, but with a few details that are not very high.

It is essential that here a good visibility prevails and for this you may have to set aside beautiful graphics.

Specifically, the best configuration would be the following:

  1. Frame rate limit 60 fps
  2. Epic distance
  3. Shadows off
  4. Anti Aliasing off
  5. Medium or low textures
  6. Low effects
  7. Motion blur turned off

Increase the brightness to see better in dark areas

If you can not see your enemies in dark areas, you have to lose. What you must do is to raise the brightness in the configuration of the game or your television above normal, which will help you to see enemies before they see you.

This is an old trick, and will allow you in dark areas to have advantages over your rivals.

Do not hesitate to change the button assignments

We do not all play the same, and maybe you could use the command’s configuration menu to change the button assignment. In this case, we advise you to put the trigger button on one of the triggers or the jump button is much closer to your thumb.

Before entering battle do not hesitate to go through the general configuration menu and make some small adjustments.

Prioritizes fluid play on good graphics

  1. Activate “touch to search” to collect faster weapons and open chests
  2. Deactivates the vibration
  3. Activated the aim aid

Play with headphones

This will help you to know where the rest of the enemies are. It is necessary that you can listen to those steps of other users when you are in the same building something that if you play without headphones you will not be able to listen.

Remember that it is essential to move low to avoid making noise so that professional players cannot listen to you.

Thanks to the headphones you can listen to audio signals that you would probably never notice if you play on a television without the help of headphones.

Roof traps, the worst

When people enjoy the game, they are usually attentive to what is going on around them, but never to what is on the roof. Traps not only exist to take you away from life, but also as a warning alarm signal. If you are in the place that can become an ambush, surely you will see many traps, especially on the roof.

Beware of the towers of enemies, you have to lose.

When you want to enter a structure of an enemy, you do not know the inside and you could fall into a trap. In this case, it is better than ever to enter these types of constructions and try to destroy them with the release of explosives. If you do not have explosives you can also shoot the walls to destroy the structure, but first, you must know what material is made.

If you need more freedom to customize controls, use a keyboard on consoles

As you well know it is possible to plug a keyboard through the USB port to the console. This will allow you to link many more keys to the configuration of controls and to be able to do actions in a much faster way than with a control command.

You can also make accessibility adjustments.

For people with color vision deficiency, the color blindness mode is also standard in the game. To access it, you must go to configuration and then select the gear in the upper right corner and go to accessibility.

Color correction comes in three different modes, even allowing you to increase the correction intensity of each one.

Accelerate construction with the option of Turbo Building

Although the configuration is activated by default, you may have deactivated it because you did not know exactly what it was about. Thanks to it you can save some clicks at the time of building that will save you from situations of greater stress.

Ways to improve FPS in consoles

If you do not have a new Xbox One or PlayStation 4 Pro, you can not go to 60 fps. If you are concerned about FPS there are some steps that can help you improve stability.

To improve the FPS in the console, we recommend that you disable the Streamer mode, that you deactivate the repetitions, that you install Fortnite in the internal memory of the console and that you do not have any windows open in the Internet browser application.

If you want to get old skins, you must go through the store.

While there are some skins that are impossible to recover since they are exclusive of different seasons or events, if you go through the store every day you will sometimes find the replacement of certain items that you could use with those turkeys that you have previously saved.

t is always recommended that you have some money saved for unexpected special events and moments.

You do not need to buy

If you are a regular player and do all the free challenges, weekly challenges and blockbuster challenges, you will amass enough money to be able to buy skins and objects throughout each season.

Obviously, you can also use real money for it, but it has been shown that if you are a player who can dedicate the title for a while on a daily basis, you will never need to invest real money. Of course, you need to buy the battle pass in each season.

It is always good to have a jetpack.

It is one of the most misunderstood objects you see in the game, but it can get you out of some dangerous situation.

Although we occupy a place in the inventory, you should always have some jetpack on top because they will allow you to spend much more time in the air and take a much higher jump to escape the reach of other enemies in an amazing way.

Update the new Carburo and Omega suits.

In addition to unlocking these suits in season 4, it is also essential that the best in the different updates. This will allow you to make them much more beautiful and have more fun with some extra challenges of each of the costumes.

If you go overcoming these challenges you can unlock more elegant versions of that particular costume. Mind you, these updates are more cosmetic than anything else.

These are some secrets that are not known about Fortnite Battle Royale and that will allow you to enjoy the program in another way.

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