Fortnite’s best tricks and tips for PS4, Switch, One, PC and mobiles

Fortnite’s best tricks

Our Fortnite Guide is the ultimate manual for mastering all aspects of the game, thanks to tips and tricks that will enable you to improve as a player.

From how to aim and build better to 100 tricks that will help you win games, through detailed maps or solving all the weekly challenges… and that’s just the beginning!

How to secure your Epic account, take advantage of certain glitches and faults to move faster around the map Ready to find out all about the successful Battle Royale?

Our Fortnite Battle Royale guide tells you everything you need to learn to master the game and win many games.

Here you will discover the best strategies, the most effective weapons, tricks to move faster, maps with the usual location of vehicles and much more, all updated to February 2019, to the 8th season of Fortnite.

For those who have been locked in a nuclear silo, Fortnite Battle Royale for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile and PC is a free Fortnite game mode that has taken ideas from PUBG to offer a more casual, yet complex, experience in which 100 players face death in combat on a huge map full of locations, also avoiding a storm that narrows the area where we can move.

At the moment we are immersed in season 8 of Fortnite, in which again, the map has presented changes, as the disappearance of Alameda Aullante.

Instead a volcano has appeared, and around this new areas such as Albufera Apacible and Escalones Estivales, while other areas, such as the Block, have changed location (further west of the map).

That’s why this guide makes sense, where you’ll learn Fortnite’s best tips and tricks, so you can find answers to all your questions, whether you can land faster, which are the best weapons or if there’s a way to get more paVos (or V-bucks). And that’s just a small part.

With this guide and tricks of Fortnite you will not resist anything: we tell you how to improve as a builder, the best control settings (sensitivity settings, Builder Pro mode …), tricks and tips to improve your aim, 100 tricks to win games … Ready to dive into Fortnite’s most comprehensive guide?

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Fortnite Battle Royale Guide & Tricks

In any case if you are here is that you are looking for the best tricks for Fortnite Battle Royale, and here we have compiled everything: from 100 tricks and secrets that will make you win games in Fortnite and let you discover things you didn’t know about the game to the 9 best tricks and strategies.

Without forgetting the selection of best weapons, the best settings on mobile devices … all told in a fun and practical way for you to learn and better quickly.

If the game is complicated for you, we recommend that you start with our Fortnite guides for beginners, such as tricks and strategies to start playing Fortnite Battle Royale, because they will allow you to have a clear understanding of the basic concepts of the game and understand all that it can give of itself, which is not little…

When you know what we’re talking about, you shouldn’t miss a series of survival tips in Fortnite Battle Royale, essential to avoid falling in the first few minutes of combat and become strong from the first few bars of the game (get weapons, materials and healing items, for example).

Once you know the basics, you’ll want to level up quickly to unlock the cosmetic items on the battle pass.

Well, we also tell you how to win more XP to raise fast level or all the changes and novelties of season 8, which are not few.

The next stop takes us to other topics that you should not neglect, such as choosing the best sites to land in the 8th season of Fortnite which, very often, also coincide with the best sites to “lootear” and get good weapons and resources (soon we will update with a thorough guide to indicate these sites).

It is also essential to know the playing field well, and that is why many of our guides have a detailed map, updated to season 7, for example, so that you know where to find a Quad or Quadcrasher or the best places to find llamas.

If you’re interested in kneading a large number of paVos o V-Bucks en Fortnite sin gastar un euro, which is the currency of the game for buying skins, emotes and other cosmetic items, we’ve also got you covered: we’ll tell you all the legal procedures that exist, although some are only available for Save the World, Fortnite’s four-player cooperative game mode.

If you don’t have it, the rest of the methods are fake to steal your account or tangarte, so beware…

And speaking of Save the World mode: we also tell you everything you need to learn to master this mode with our Getting Started guide.

We also go a little deeper into the use of some key weapons to win games and we give you a series of tricks, guidelines and tips for you to play as real “pros” with them. We are referring, for example, to the sniper rifle, the shotgun or the blast assault rifle, to name a few.

Of course, there is no shortage of specific object guides that have been incorporated into the game, such as those introduced in season 6 and, such as “fresquera” traps or shadow stones, although unfortunately they have been deactivated in season 8 except for some specific modes like Unvaulted, where they are still present.

And we don’t stop there: we also tell you a lot of tricks and curiosities so that moving around the map or surviving is much simpler: we tell you how to move faster through the map using the technique “rabbit jumps” or how to prevent a limpet bomb from causing you harm, to mention a couple of examples.

You won’t find another guide on the Internet that covers so many aspects of the game…

Another of the key mechanics at Fortnite is construction, and we’ve delved a lot into this section, telling you everything from tricks and tips used by professional players to advanced construction techniques.

Techniques that will help you master some essential mechanics to be victorious in the final compasses of the games.

Fortnite Season 8 Weekly Challenges

Fortnite is a free game, and we can participate in your games without any limit. For those who want “something more” there is the battle pass, which each week adds new challenges and challenges.

Each season usually lasts 10 weeks, and in all of them we have new challenges, some free and others for payment (the payment pass costs 950 paVos, about 9.50 euros), such as eliminating X enemies in a specific area or with a specific weapon.

Nor are there any more special challenges, such as visiting a giant face in the desert, in the jungle and in the snow, visiting all the pirate camps or using a volcanic vent in different games.

We also covered all of these challenges, and promptly updated how to complete all of the Season 8 challenges, not to mention all of the Discovery challenges, which are the equivalent of Nevada’s Season 7 challenges.

Of course, we also have hairy signs for you to complete the temporary events that may happen in the next few months, as we have done with the 14 day Fortniteo challenges the overtime challenges, to mention two

Fortnite Game Modes

The Fortnite base is the “all against all” playing alone, it also offers variants for those who play in duets (or pairs), in teams of four players or even in battalions of 50 vs. 50.

We also cover these variants with specific guidelines, such as the best tactics to play in pairs or squads, or even covering temporary modes such as Runaway, which can return this season 8.

We’ve also talked in depth about Playground, the “practice” mode that will allow you to experiment with friends on facets with construction or 1 vs 1, 1 vs 2 duels or any other variant.

What is Playground mode or what do you need to practice in Playground to improve as a player.

We have also revealed many of the keys and aspects you should know about the Creative mode, another of the novelties that has come with season 7, and that allows us to create custom islands, to which we can invite other players.

You can have fun with the best maps in Creative mode (and the codes to access them).

Is playing Fornite free? How do I download it?

You don’t need the basic title to enjoy Fortnite Battle Royale because it’s an independent title and free access for those who have a PS4, an Xbox One X, a Nintendo Switch, a PC or a compatible mobile phone (the Android version is currently in beta). You can download Fortnite in the following ways:

From a computer:

  • Go to the official Epic Games website
  • Search in the tab above reference to Fortnite and in the following screen you will be given a link to download this mode
  • If you don’t have an Epic Games account you can create one for free.
  • All you have to do is install the game and play it

From PS4 or Xbox One:

  • Access the Xbox or PlayStation store from your console
  • Locate the title in the corresponding search engine
  • Select download and install it free of charge

From Nintendo Switch:

  • Access the eShop from your console
  • Locate the title in the corresponding search engine
  • Select download and install it free of charge

From an iPhone or iPad:

  • Access the App Store from your device
  • Locate the title in the corresponding search engine
  • Select download and install it free of charge

From an Android phone or tablet:

  • For now it’s in beta phase, sign up on the official website of the game and wait for confirmation.
  • If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4, you can access the game immediately.

Fortnite: advanced tricks for short distance combat (aim, construction…)

We offer you a series of advanced tricks for the short distance combat in Fortnite, one of the crucial moments that we will always have in the games and from which we can emerge victorious now.

In Fortnite there are many ways to attack your opponents, and depending on the type of player you are we will bet on active or passive behavior. Well, this time we’re going to focus on the short-distance battles at Fortnite, those that a false step means elimination.

Thanks to these advanced tips for short distance combat in Fortnite you won’t make mistakes in these stressful and fast game moments, where only the best can hold their breath to win.

Fortnite: advanced tricks for short distance combat (aim, construction…)

Counteract an opponent who builds above you

In general it is always advisable to position a cone/pyramid in the path of the opponent to prevent it from continuing to build and gaining height.

While this procedure is still valid, it is something that everyone already does. Well, instead, you must do something different so that the other opponent does not wait for him and thus make him lose a few thousandths of a second.

Instead of putting a cone to disturb the opponent’s trajectory, just place a wall on it.

This will make the enemy not have expected this move, and you can continue building in a much faster way can gain height faster than the rival.

Ending a rival that is entrenched

When we have a rival entrenched using the technique of the turtle or something similar, what we always do is approach to try to win one of the structures, edit it and enter it to beat it.

The bad thing about this procedure is that the rival is already waiting for it, and is following you with the peephole from inside, so that when you edit and try to enter you shoot.

Well, with this new technique you must do exactly the same thing, but hitting one of these walls once.

To do this after editing the structure, immediately reset it. This will make the structure stay in the middle of health, so when the opponent shoots to try to hit you, what he does is shoot the structure itself leaving it already exposed for you to edit, create a window and knock it down.

Deceiving an enemy with a ramp

When you are facing an opponent in a reduced room 1 × 1, you can fool him by positioning a ramp in front of him.

Your opponent may think he’s protected by that ramp, but while you’re editing it you can actually turn it 180° to discover the enemy and shoot him.

In this way editing the ramp while the opponent is inside it, you would be able to shoot him if you moved it 180°.

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