How to earn free Internet bitcoins reliably

Free Internet bitcoins

More and more people are asking me how to earn free bitcoins on the Internet.

The incredible growth of this crytodivisa together with the increasingly numerous appearance in the media, is making many neophytes in this field begin to be interested in knowing and acquiring this valuable Internet bitcoins

That’s why I’ve decided to create an extensive article with all the methods I know to get bitcoins for free.

Due to the constant appearance of new sites, this list will be constantly growing and updating.

Pages to earn free bitcoins with advertising

This is the method that I particularly use to obtain small fractions of Bitcoin in a simple and risk-free way.

As in the famous PTCs, in some of these pages we have the possibility of accumulating satoshis for the simple fact of seeing advertisements.

In others, we’ll simply have to play or complete simple captchas to earn small rewards. The latter are commonly known as faucets, and their use is growing steadily year after year.

Both pages are funded through the advertising contained within them, such as affiliation platforms, Google Adsense, referral links to other sites related to Bitcoin, and so on.

The more traffic, the more profit. That is why they reward with small incentives in the form of Bitcoin to users who enter and interact with these pages. It’s a cheap, efficient method where everyone wins 🙂

Here you have the list of all the pages we are currently using.

FreeBitcoin: Without a doubt, the best faucet in the world. Several years paying without any kind of problem. Several ways to get bitcoins extremely easily. There’s hardly any time to devote to it. Essential. Free for all countries.

MoonBitcoin: One of the oldest faucets in existence. Automatic and instant payments through CoinPot. The tap resets every five minutes. It also has several bid walls to increase profits.

The website has a bonus system that rewards the daily activity in a relevant way. Bonuses can reach up to 500% of additional profit.

BitGames: Another site very complete and with great reputation to get bitcoins for free. Web very simple to use and with a minimum of really low payment. Free for all countries. A little-known page that has been running since 2012. There are five ways to earn free bitcoins, including a faucet where you can claim satoshis every five minutes.

Of course, the website has no cost and is available to users from all countries, including Spain and Latin America. It has the lowest withdrawal minimum that exists: 500 satoshis.

Cointiply: One of the most complete sites to get bitcoins for free. It has several methods to achieve it, among which stand out its faucet, its wall of offers and the section of games. Also very interesting is the option of mining by CPU, as it allows us to earn satoshis without doing anything, just letting our computer (desktop or laptop, is indifferent) do mathematical calculations.

Anyone can register and start earning a profit from the first moment, as it is valid for all countries

Bit Fun: A faucet with more than two years online that currently still works quite well. There are three ways to win Bitcoin: tap, walls of offers and games of chance. Satoshis can be claimed every five minutes. He’s got a good unlimited referral system with a 50% commission.

Payments are received automatically and instantly as the page is associated with Coinpot.

FaucetHub: Although its main function is that of microwallet, in this platform we will find thousands of faucets where we can get all kinds of cryptomedas (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Coin, etc).

It has a super complete interface with very relevant information to know the state of health of each page. Very useful for not wasting time and use only sites that are reliable and currently paying. Essential.

BTCClicks: Possibly the best PTC to win Bitcoin. Several years online and currently paying. Display of advertisements and system of rented referrals. Free for all countries.

ClixCoin: Pretty new PTC page that is working great. To emphasize its autosurf mode, which allows to win satoshis without doing practically anything. Another very positive aspect is that payments are received instantly. It works for all countries and of course, it’s completely free. A great alternative for all those who wonder how to get Bitcoin easily and effortlessly. This is a PTC where you simply have to see advertisements to receive small rewards in the form of satoshis. Users from all over the world can register and start generating free bitcoins from the first moment.

adBTC: A very brief page with few options but which allows you to earn bitcoins for free and reliably. Like the previous ones, it is available to users all over the world. Minimum payment very easy to reach (10,000 satoshis).

2Captcha: Very well known page within the category of platforms to generate income working from home. It has the peculiarity that it pays by means of crypto coins. He’s been paying for quite some time. The main way to earn free bitcoins is through captcha resolution. The minimum payment is $0.50 (in satoshis) and any purse can be used to receive the winnings.

How to get bitcoins mining

Although bitcoin mining is the “natural” way to obtain bitcoins, this process has changed radically since its inception. In the beginning, dozens of bitcoins could be mined with any normal computer.

I myself was mining about a year with four computers equipped with ATI RADEON 280X graphics cards and got excellent results. Today, with the same equipment would not even have to pay the first day of costs in electric light

The difficulty to find new blocks in the blockchain has increased exponentially and specific devices are needed to obtain them (super computer farms, ASICs, etc). In addition, one has to take into account the enormous cost in electricity that it supposes to have those equipments working.

That’s why mining is beyond the reach of virtually anyone. Only large corporations can afford to keep getting bitcoins that way. What can we do then? Not much. Today, mining bitcoins is totally unfeasible for us.

Although many Bitcoin mining sites are advertised on the Internet in exchange for small investments, 99% of them are scams.

How to get bitcoins

If there is one thing that characterizes Bitcoin, it is its extreme volatility. It can go up and down $1,000 in a day without messing up.

On the one hand, this causes it to continue to be used as a minority method of payment, as it is difficult to predict what its value will be the next day.

In contrast, this volatility is the perfect breeding ground for all those who like to speculate on its price. The usual old tactic: buy cheap and sell expensive.

Obviously, this is not as easy as it seems, since certain technical knowledge and a good work strategy are needed.

In addition, it is necessary to have platforms with maximum guarantees to be able to carry out these operations without the risk of them disappearing overnight. In my experience, the most reliable are these:

▼ Recommended Exchange Houses

► CoinPayments: Possibly the exchange house with the lowest commissions in the market. It supports more than 75 crypto currencies and automatic conversion between all of them.

► Coinbase: One of the most recognized companies today in the world of Bitcoin. In addition to serving as a purse for our money (which I use personally to receive payments from all pages), has a trading system to buy and sell bitcoins. In my opinion, the best of all

► Binance: The most popular exchange today with more than six million registered users. It stands out for its low trading commissions and the great variety of crypto currencies available.

► CoinPot: The world’s most widely used microwallet. In addition to serving as a purse to receive micropayments from the main faucets, it also has the option of exchanging balances between different crypto currencies.

► Hodly: Fantastic purse endorsed by the prestigious trading company IQ Option. In addition to saving, sending and receiving crypto coins for free, it allows you to purchase the most capitalized crypto currencies with a credit card from as little as $10. Very useful for people living in Latin America.

► Bitstamp: Europe’s leading trading platform.

► Poloniex: Another of the most used and known pages. It trades since 2011 and has many options for trading lovers.

► Kraken: Another excellent platform that also allows you to trade several currency pairs.

► Bitfinex: The leading platform in the Asian market, so it has the highest liquidity of all.

The best of them, is to sell the bitcoins that we have gotten for free (with the pages of the beginning of the post), when their price has quite strong value increases. We will then use all the money made from that sale to buy them back when their price has fallen sharply.

Win bitcoins by betting and playing on the Internet

I am not in favour of this method, but it should not be ignored. There are more and more pages where we have the possibility to play and bet using Bitcoin. Sports betting, casinos, roulette, poker, slots, etc. The list of sites of this style grows every day more.

What’s the motive? Very simple. It’s one of the best ways to get bitcoins for those who create these pages, but not for us. You know the saying, “The bank always wins.

I still don’t know anyone who has won a good number of satoshis betting on the Internet, however, the bookmakers and other gambling sites fill their pockets.

Therefore, only those pages are advisable where we can play and bet for free (such as Playfulbet or Triumphant) but with the possibility of winning bitcoins instead of dollars or euros.

Another feasible way is to bet a small part (no more than 10%) of the profits that we are obtaining in the pages that we have seen above. If we’re lucky, we can multiply them without risking a penny out of our pocket.

Earn bitcoins by making loans with interest

Another very efficient way to get free bitcoins is by making loans and charging interest. Obviously, this can only be done by people who already have a certain amount of bitcoins in their portfolio.

At that time, I had no account on any trading platform, and as I was starting out, I preferred to look for a person I knew who had good reviews of other users and buy them directly from him.

The purchase was totally satisfactory and without any problem. To this day, that operation could be done but in reverse. I could sell bitcoins to people who don’t have or don’t want to do it themselves on trading platforms.

In exchange for a small interest, it would be a good way to increase my portfolio of bitcoins, since, obviously, immediately after selling them I would buy them back on my usual platforms (Coinbase, Bistamp, etc).

Another similar way would be to use peer-to-peer lending platforms. They connect people and companies that need money for their projects along with others that are willing to lend it in exchange for an agreed interest.

It is a way that stands out for the possibility of minimizing risks, since we can diversify the total amount to lend. If we’re willing to lend 5 bitcoins, it’s better to lend to 5 different people than one, isn’t it?

The best known platform in this field is Bitbond. If you don’t know her, I’ll leave you her presentation video so you can get an idea of how she works.

How to get bitcoins by selling products or services

Do you have a blog or website where you sell some kind of product or service? If so, you have a great opportunity to get bitcoins in a very simple way. In addition, you may gain some customers, as you will be implementing a payment method in which many people are interested.

In fact, many people manage to earn bitcoins over the Internet but then do not know where to spend them, so anyone who incorporates this service to your website will be capturing many potential customers.

The easiest way to implement this is through QR codes. You’ll find these in any Bitcoin wallet, such as Ledger Wallet, Coinbase or the official Bitcoin purse itself.

Then, you just have to put them visible on your website so that people can use them to get your products or services. If you are a freelancer working over the Internet but don’t have a website, you can also incorporate this payment method without any problem.

It’s as easy as using the payment requests tool you’ll find in your regular wallet. With it, you will be able to create individual QR codes for each client with a specific amount, so that you will be making it easier for them to pay, since they won’t even have to enter the amount they should send you.

How to Earn Bitcoins Fast

All the methods we have seen so far need some work and some patience, but… what is there for those who want to get their bitcoins now?

Well, very simple: buy them. It is an option as valid as any other, although here comes into play the moment in which we buy them and above all, at what price.

Just as we would (or should), before buying or selling any currency (dollar, euro, pound sterling, etc.), it is essential to look for as much information as possible. Buying blind is not a good idea.

Being aware of all the news surrounding Bitcoin can give us a better idea of whether it’s the right time to buy or not. As a general rule, the ideal is to always buy after a good drop in price, although this does not always have to be the case.

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