How to search for friends in Instagram without having an account


Surely, how can you find friends on Instagram without having an account or without registering?

This is one of the concerns or questions that most arouses the interest of people who, for one reason or another, do not have an Instagram account but who, nevertheless, feel a particular and unrestrained curiosity to follow the trail of someone we are interested in or to discover those hidden facets.friends in Instagram

Search for friends in Instagram without account | Option # 1: Google

The first solution, basically lies in undertaking certain searches in an Internet search engine and for this, it is recommended to use mainly the Google search engine as it crawls and shows the different profiles that have been created in Instagram with more success than other search engines.

However, to be able to search for friends, contacts or people with Google should not stick to a specific or limited search and settle for it, because the ideal when you have no results at first it is necessary to expand the search with other terms and we tell them below.

First, you can undertake a Google search with the “@” followed by the name and surname(s) as, for example, @alejandraperez or, without the “@” but that yes, accompanied by the term “Instagram” and that would be something like this: “Alejandra Pérez Instagram” and the results, reviewing one by one until you find the indicated one.

If it is not possible to search for your name and surname, then you can do some searches with Google using some nickname or nickname with which your friend may be known and identified, and which he may also be honoured or liked and which you think he may use to make himself known on Instagram.

Another valid resource to enrich a search and find the person, is to add certain data to the Google search that can effectively be written in the biography of the friend in Instagram as for example, “Antonia Segovia Instagram Fitness Instructor“, “Antonia Segovia Instagram Yoga“, “Antonia Segovia Instagram Salsa Teacher“, “Antonia Segovia Instagram Nurse” and so on.

Note N°1 | It should be noted here, that a considerable part of the searches of friends in Google may not give the expected result and this happens, since some people do not register with their true identity and makes it impossible to succeed in the search.

However, below, I leave you some other options letter that can be very useful for these cases where the true identity does not appear.

Search for friends in Instagram without account | Option # 2: Google + Friends

If you have not been able to find that friend using the Google search engine, then it will be necessary to search in another way to find yes or yes, with that person in Instagram.

I tell you, a valuable alternative that gives good results to look for friends in Instagram is to do it indirectly using for it, the Google search engine and some social engineering looking for friends or contacts who consider that they are close to that friend that you want to find for sure, they will follow and interact in Instagram.

Well, what you will have to do is quite simple and consists of searching for friends of that person, enter the Instagram profiles of these and then, carefully review if between the photos appears that friend you want to find in Instagram and if so, review the description of that photo as it is very possible, that appears labeled the friend you want to find in the description of the photo and also, being much more exhaustive can search among users who comment on the photos because it is very possible, that that person or friend can issue a comment and there, they can “find”.

Another option is to enter the Instagram of an institution, university, company, brand, etc. where you work, study or develop a hobby as it is likely that a photo may appear labeled or emit a comment.

Finally and in this option, there is the possibility of consulting a common and trusted friend. What is the Instagram of that friend? and thus, to be able to find him once and for all.

Search for friends in Instagram without account | Option # 3: Social Networks

Another good option that allows very good results, is to look for friends of Instagram using one or another social network to achieve this task, such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or a blog that has that person.

Well, the first task here is to find some of these social networks of the person in question and if you already have them, it is much better. Now and as many will know, most of the users in the descriptions attach the links to other social networks such as Instagram and therefore, it would be good as a first task to check if they are and simply follow them.

*Trick A good trick here and that goes unnoticed by many, is to see with detention the published photos of Facebook of that person because you are, in its description can appear the link of Instagram in gray letters next to the date of publication and that indicates, that that or those photos published in Facebook are also in their Instagram.

If you click on the text that says “Instagram“, an Instagram page of that friend’s or person’s profile will open in your browser, showing that or those photos, and of course, you will be able to click on the username and see all the profile and content that you have published.

Search for friends on Instagram without an account | Option # 4: Instagram

Now, in the event that you unfortunately do not find that person or friend in Instagram with the above options.

Then, they will be able to choose to do it from Instagram and for it, they can have some tools that can be very useful to look for this friend and that we pass to detail next.

Search for friends in Instagram’s Search Engine

A very good way is to use the search box that has Instagram web enabled to search person having an account or not having an account for it and to be able to access it without having an account, they can do it using the search engine with the term “Instagram search” and access the hashtags “# search” or the blog of Instagram that are located in the first results (see attached image).

The Instagram page “#buscar” or the Instagram blog will be loaded and you will be able to see the “Buscar” box above in the central part.

Well, effectively in this box you can enter the name and surname of the person you are looking for in Instagram or the supposed “@user” that you can have in Instagram and most likely, it will display a menu where you can pre visualize some results.

Now, Instagram not only has this user search engine in Instagram because it also has other tools that are not proper to find friends but ultimately, can be something useful for this function and although with them, you can feel that they are looking for a needle in a haystack … But nevertheless and under certain criteria, can be useful.

First, you will enter Instagram web and scroll to the footer or Instagram footer and right there, find the following resources:

Search for friends in the Hashtag de Instagram

This option will allow you to undertake hashtag searches of Instagram users. Now, if you think that friend is very fanatical or passionate about something and much better, if this is something more specific, then it could be a good tool to use and see, if for a particular taste you can locate and find that friend or that needle in the haystack.

Search for friends in Instagram Profiles

This other option will allow you to search for Instagram users according to the mobile phone number (I think), however, it is so coarse and extensive that it would be very unfeasible to try to use it well and find that friend among the millions of users who are in this section.

This last option, we believe that it can be much more interesting and suitable to use because with a click here, they will be able to limit the search according to a country where that friend resides and then, the city to later limit it even more, in places of the city and in this way, all those photos of users that were made in that place will appear and thus, they could have the fortune of being able to make searches according to the places where that person moves and if this one, is a passionate of the photos and the places can be, a good searcher of people although the end, is not this one.

Search for friends in Instagram without account | Option # 5: External applications

Finally, a last option to be able to search for friends in Instagram without having an account for this purpose is to use some external service or application.

Since some time ago, there have appeared different websites and applications that revolve around social networks as it is, Instagram that serve different purposes and one of these, is to undertake searches in them of users.

The truth is that there are many services that swarm around Instagram, such as,,, or that allow you to search for Instagram users, as well as Tags and other things that can be practical when searching and boosting an Instagram profile.

In summary, these are a large part of the options you have to be able to search for friends in Instagram without having an account or without registering in this social network.

However, we warn that there are the possibilities of not being able to find that particular friend and there can be infinite causes or reasons such as, for example, simply seeing the account closed or having an account without any known data or link with some friends.

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