Garden cockroach: how to get rid of it?

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  1. Garden Cockroach
  2. What is the difference between a cockroach and a garden cockroach?
  3. How to recognize Pallidus Ectobius?
  4. Four Natural Garden Cockroach Remedies
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Garden Cockroach

Less harmful than their colleagues in our homes, garden cockroaches (Ectobius Pallidus) can however be a nuisance. Find out more about treatments to eradicate garden roaches.

Garden cockroach

Photo Rebekka D at Pixabay

What is the difference between a cockroach and a garden cockroach?

None! This is the same insect commonly known as a cockroach, but in reality the correct term is cockroach.

In the gardens, we find woodland cockroaches (Ectobius Pallidus), which like to hide under the leaves.

This insect is not considered a pest because it rarely enters through the door of the house, except on summer afternoons, to find some freshness.

However, if their presence bothers you, or if they come into your home too regularly in the summer, you can begin to eliminate them from the outside.

How to recognize Pallidus Ectobius?

Also known as the amber forest cockroach, it has a light brown color.

It looks like the German cockroach (Ectobius Vittiventris) which is a real pest in our homes! To differentiate them, you have to know that the woodland cockroach is daytime, while the German cockroach is nighttime.

The German cockroach is distinguished by its two black stripes on its head. This species has difficulty in flying, while the woodland cockroach is rather dressed for it.

Four Natural Garden Cockroach Remedies

The moisture trap: Garden cockroaches love moisture. The idea is to attract them with a plate full of water. Sprinkle a mixture of plaster, flour and powdered sugar around it. Once this snack is made, the cockroach will quench its thirst and die a few hours after an intestinal obstruction.

The trap of greed: this time we attract cockroaches with poisoned food. To do this, mix boric acid with honey and flour to make small balls. Spread these natural repellents over the infested areas. Cockroaches will not survive this snack.

The preventive solution: garden cockroaches nest in damp environments. By removing them from the garden, the cockroaches are prevented from settling. To do this, avoid piling up pieces of wood, rocks or installing mulch on the ground.

You can always eradicate cockroaches manually. This garden cockroach lays its eggs in a rigid envelope. You can regularly remove these envelopes to prevent population growth.

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