5 steps to get rid of your dog’s smell at home

We all have at least one reason to love our dog, but we must admit, sometimes we can have problems with its smell.

Having recently received a puppy, an 11 year old Labrador, I had to quickly invent a trick: deodorant spray, scented candle, wick or decorative air fresheners?

The choice is huge! The only concern: these products are dangerous or unpleasant for dogs, or ineffective.

get rid of dog smell

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Before starting with the housework, you should check a simple thing: is the dog clean? Does it smell good?

If not, you may not wash it often enough. Your dog may also have skin problems or, more generally, health problems.

In that case, consult your veterinarian. However, even with impeccable hygiene, your dog will always smell like a dog. Let’s start again!

Step 1: Vacuum the dog’s hair

We started by vacuuming to remove most of the hair. Simple!

Who said it would be complicated? First problem: once my vacuum cleaner is full of dog hair, it’s the one that smells.

And with each use, the vacuum cleaner will “diffuse” this odor, which is problematic. That’s when it’s time to get creative.

For my bagless vacuum cleaner, I pour a few drops of essential oil directly into the filter. For bagged vacuum cleaners, I pour the drops directly into the bag. Your vacuum cleaner will then diffuse the aroma of the chosen essential oil.

Step 2: Get in the washing machine!

I get all the bunk beds, baskets and stuffed animals from the dog. Address: the washing machine! To deodorize all this, I add a touch of vinegar and a few drops of essential oil instead of fabric softener.

This leads us to the great challenge: the couch. My dog loves to gloat on it and take up all the space.

So I always think about wrapping my sofa with a few paintings (if I haven’t found a cover of the right size).

And when it’s time to clean up, I put the blankets in the machine and vacuum the couch.

Step 3: we attack the carpets

Like me, the dog is a fan of thick and soft carpets. However, the dog’s prolonged naps tend to soil them more quickly.

Therefore, they need to be washed regularly, and professional cleaning is hardly possible for my wallet at this frequency.

We chose the D system! A trick for deodorizing carpets: – make sure you keep your dog away from them during the whole operation (bicarbonate is not toxic for them but if they ingest too much, it would be a problem),

– I spray the carpet generously with baking soda, – I rub it so that the baking soda penetrates well into the fibers and cleans thoroughly, – I let it stand overnight, – I vacuum my carpet the next day.

Step 4: The ambient air

Since everything is now clean, we make sure that the feeling of freshness lasts. To eliminate the bad smells from the textiles, I prepare a small spray with..: – 10 volumes of warm water, – 1 volume of vinegar, – about ten drops of essential oils (preferably coniferous oils, and always have your dog approve of the smell). I spray this magic potion on curtains, carpets, armchairs and textiles of all kinds.

Step 5: validation by a relative

By virtue of being exposed to your dog’s smell, you end up being less sensitive to it. To make sure your home smells clean, ask someone who doesn’t have pets.

For example, when you have tea with someone close to you, ask him or her. The doubt will be eliminated!

Other Options:

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