How to hide a Google Play device

Google Play device

Are you one of those people who switches smartphones every few months or a year at most?

Google Play device

Do you have an accumulation of devices in your house to which you give different uses? If you’re in this group of people, the list of devices that Google Play has associated with your account is likely to be longer make the Way of St.

James to the lame paw. But don’t worry, here’s a very simple tutorial on how to clean the list of Google Play devices (where you’ll probably find some that you no longer have or do not work).

The first thing to keep in mind is that old devices can’t be completely removed from the Google Play file, although you can hide them so they don’t appear on your device list.

This will simplify the moment when Google tells you that the app you want to download is compatible with some devices, especially if you are one of those who accumulate a huge amount of gadgets over the years.

How to delete devices in Google Play

To make this little tutorial easier to follow, we’ll be listing the steps to follow, so here are the steps:

1 – First you must open Google Play in a web browser (either from your computer, smartphone or tablet, it doesn’t matter) and click on the gear icon in the top right, where a submenu of two options opens, and choose Settings.

2 – You will now see a page called “My devices” listing all the devices you have connected to Google Play from your Google Account. In addition, to the right of each of them will appear some details such as the manufacturer, model, operator and date of registration.

3 – Right next to each device is the column corresponding to those that are visible. By default, all boxes are checked, so they are visible. Locate those devices that you don’t want to be visible and uncheck the corresponding box.

4 – Click on Edit, to the right of the whole, to change the name of the devices. By default the name that Google Play gives to the devices is “Device without name”, until in some application you change the name, then in that list will appear the same name. Give free rein to your imagination and give it the most original, rare or cheesy name you can think of (Cuquiphone is excessive).

5 – Once you have renamed the devices you want, click on Update and you are done, you will have the name of your smartphone or tablet changed.

This name change will appear in all Google properties, so you’ll see the new name in the list of supported devices in the Google Play list when you install an app and in the Android Device Manager.

So far this simple and short tutorial to do cleaning in the list of Google Play devices. It’s a shame you can’t completely delete devices from Google files, but at least you’ll be less overwhelmed if you don’t have dozens of devices compatible with different applications (both tablets and smartphones).

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