How to install the latest version of the Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Google Play is indispensable for any Android smartphone. It’s the store that’s gonna let us download apps.

version of the Google Play Store

However, don’t forget that the Google Play or Play Store is an application in itself and therefore receives updates with improvements and new features from time to time.

Here we show you how to have the latest version and list the most important improvements.

How to upgrade the Google Play Store to the latest version

Google usually updates Play Store quite often. However, it can take several days from the beta being released until our application is automatically updated.

If you don’t want to wait or have problems updating Google Play automatically, here are the steps to get the latest version:

Download the latest version of the Google Play Store from a trusted place like APKMirror.

Google Play Store 14.5.52

Google Play Store 14.4.20

Google Play Store 14.3.20

Opens the APK file found in the downloads

Enables permission to install applications from unknown sources

Install Google Play (and Play services if you’ve also downloaded it)

After these simple steps, you’ll have the latest version of Google Play installed on your device.

How to upgrade Google Play Services or Google Play Services to the latest version

Google Play Services is an application you need to install applications; it’s who does the magic behind Play Store. To update it there are two methods, a simple one and a manual one:

Update Google Play Services from Google Play. Just go to the app in the Play Store and check that it’s up to date.

Update Google Play Services manually. You will have to download and install the APK file from Google Play Services (it has to be the last version compatible with the architecture of your processor -arm 32bits or arm64 64 bits- and the Android version of your device).

Latest novelties: change in design

The Google Play Store is being updated with a much cleaner and simpler design. This is thanks to the implementation of the new Material Design.

This new design will gradually reach all users in the coming weeks.

White is now much more predominant, giving a much clearer appearance. In previous versions, for example, the top bar was green.

This disappears, with the idea that all Google applications converge towards the same type of design.

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