How to Care for Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Hair Loss After Pregnancy

After pregnancy many women are anxious to see their bodies as they looked before they became pregnant, and we’re not just talking about weight and figure, but the vitality and strength of the hair, which after pregnancy becomes a headache for some people.

Between 60 and 100 hairs are lost per day, but after childbirth this hair loss can be multiplied by five.

Hair Loss After Pregnancy

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Many women after childbirth report that their hair falls out abundantly. In fact there is a belief that this occurs because the mother is breastfeeding the baby, however this situation is also often present in women who feed their babies with formula.

What causes postpartum hair loss?

The answer to this question is perhaps the most common for most of the changes that occur in women during and after childbirth: hormones.

What really happens is that during pregnancy women’s hair gets stronger due to high hormone levels in the body, so it’s common for pregnant women to have shiny, growing hair that causes normal hair loss to stop.

Many mothers suffer from hair loss during pregnancy, after childbirth or even during breastfeeding.

Since there is no hair loss during the nine months of gestation, the hair accumulated during this time will begin to fall out after childbirth, so when you brush your hair you will notice that a large accumulation remains in the brush or in your hand.

Normally between 60 and 100 hairs are lost per day, but after childbirth this fall can be multiplied by five.

The important thing is that there is nothing to worry about, this is a completely normal process that will pass around six months after delivery. It should also be made clear that it is not exclusive to women who breastfeed their babies, but that it is common in all cases.

Tips for Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Although this hair loss is normal and will go away on its own after a while, you can also follow some tips to reduce this hair loss after childbirth.

  • Wash hair gently: Gently and gently wash and always use conditioner to help keep your hair in good condition. Try not to wash it every day, but let two days or more pass and you will avoid that you fall too much.
  • Avoid brushing your hair too much: When brushing hair it is pulled and can then be broken easily, this can be avoided by decreasing the brushing or by doing it with a brush with wide bristles.
  • Don’t overdo the hair dryer: We know that it’s important for every woman to always be neat, but the heat from the hair dryer or the iron causes the hair to break. While the process of hair loss passes it is advisable to decrease the frequency of use of these devices.
  • Avoid using tight leashes: Pulling up hair, mainly with tight leashes will cause hair to tighten and break more easily. During this time wear your scalp and leave the igas for another time.
  • Eat vitamin-rich foods: The nutrients in foods make hair stronger. Eating foods rich in iron, omega, vitamin c and b is a healthy choice. These vitamins can also be taken in capsules.

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