Halloween Pumpkin: our tips for digging and decorating

HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN - The famous pumpkin called Jack'O'Lantern is a must have Halloween decoration. Here are our tips for choosing, carving, decorating and storing your Halloween pumpkin.

Are you looking forward to decorating your house for the Halloween party at the end of October? The pumpkin is the essential element for a successful decoration!

Halloween Pumpkin

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We give you many tips on how to cut and prepare your pumpkin without hurting yourself, but also how to decorate it and turn it into a scary face or not!

This is a good activity to do with your children during the All Saints' Day vacation.

With candles to light it, it will be perfect to beautify the exterior and interior of your home on October 31st.

What variety to choose for a Halloween pumpkin?

First of all, be careful when choosing your Halloween pumpkin, so you don't confuse it with a pumpkin or a gourd (even if a pumpkin is just as good).

Choose a medium-sized pumpkin with a smooth skin for easy cutting. If you do this activity with the kids, choose the pumpkin with them, it will be more fun.

Remember to buy an extra pumpkin or two in case you fail, it will save you tears of disappointment. In the worst case, it could be a good soup for Halloween night.

How do you dig and carve a pumpkin for Halloween?

To prepare your Halloween pumpkin, start by cutting the hat by inserting the blade of your knife at an angle (90°) into the flesh of the pumpkin.

For this operation, remember to wear gloves to protect yourself from a possible cut. Put the hat away and dig with a strong soup spoon or a melon spoon.

Carefully remove all meat, fibers and seeds. Once the flesh has been removed, you can let your imagination run wild to decorate your pumpkin.

How do you decorate your Halloween pumpkin?

To dress up your house for Halloween, there is nothing better than beautiful pumpkins that you can place on your front porch, on your terrace or balcony or even inside.

After preparing and emptying the pumpkin, mark with a marker the different parts of the face to be removed.

Then cut the eyes and mouth with a toothpick knife, always taking care to protect your hands with gloves. Finally, place the candles inside the pumpkin before replacing the lid.

Halloween Pumpkin : image and model

To make your Halloween pumpkin, take inspiration from the classic Jack'O'Lantern designs by drawing the eyes and nose in a triangle and tracing a mouth by reproducing sharp teeth. Of course you can choose to give it a scary look.

We advise you to trace the drawing of your pumpkin with a marker before digging it out to be sure of the result and to avoid mistakes.

But you can also opt for a less scary decoration of your home for Halloween with pumpkins that can be used as a candlestick, vase, centerpiece or even a bucket of champagne.

Tips and tricks for preparing and preserving a Halloween pumpkin

To cut the lid, remember to use a serrated knife or hacksaw. When you empty the pumpkin, save the seeds for roasting and eating later, and use the meat to make a delicious pumpkin or pumpkin velouté.

Don't forget to make small holes in the base and lid of the pumpkin so that the air circulates perfectly and the flame doesn't drown.

To preserve the pumpkin, don't take it out too long before Halloween. Then remove as much of the pulp from the pumpkin as possible to keep it from rotting.

You can use lacquer inside and out to make it last longer. Sprinkling lemon juice on the inside will also help prevent oxidation for better preservation.

Finally, place the pumpkin in a dry and ventilated place because moisture could accelerate putrefaction.

For a scary Halloween, don't hesitate to put on makeup or make a mask or even a full costume.

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  1. What variety to choose for a Halloween pumpkin?
  2. How do you dig and carve a pumpkin for Halloween?
  3. How do you decorate your Halloween pumpkin?
  4. Halloween Pumpkin : image and model
  5. Tips and tricks for preparing and preserving a Halloween pumpkin
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